Author Topic: The Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing  (Read 163 times)


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The Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing
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"It takes a truly foolish man to bring out the worst in one who believes they have everything. Direction, purpose, wealth - the common motivators of any individual trapped within this mortal coil. Waking in a sanctuary within Vallaki, surrounded by ornate sculpture and scripture written by bloodless spirits was... a breaking point. The statues and painted glass staring. Judging. Mocking me with their inanimate eyes. Reminding me of the unforgivable sin that landed me there. This was not my first encounter with the end, but this one robbed me of any proof of progress that I prided myself in. The resulting hopelessness is something that I'd hope long since abandoned when I left Sithicus.

To be fair, it was a well-earned lesson on my part. The groveling pile of bleeding flesh that lay before me had no business with me, nor did I have any reasonable inclination to help. Yet there I stood, staring down a large, crimson canid while the ill-deserved aid was rendered. Heroes are but children's tales. Fictitious blots of of false hope delivered with spoonfuls of honey and empty promises of a better future. There I stood, the proverbial fool acting as "hero".

And here I sit, writing out thoughts as a chaotic tempest threatens to ruin me. A bottle of poison at the edge of this table smiling at me, bidding me to dance with the spirits one last time. To join them forever, discarding any chance at redemption for this careless mistake. To dine with whatever false idols dreamt up by lesser beings and disregard all efforts made on my part to tower above those powerless cretins. No! I bid the bottle adieu with the promise of a dinner with a far more deserving specimen. Another fool less capable. Another obstacle in my path.

My spirit yearns for something more extravagant than material wealth. Something fleeting and intangible. My tongue cannot speak it and my dreams fail to define it. This nebulous void draws me ever closer and I cannot begin to reach for it. Perhaps my travels will prepare my mind for accepting it, whatever it may be. The struggles shape my body to battle for it. A reflection to show a spirit that shed this constant burden of hopelessness bestowed upon me at birth. Let the lesser creatures of these lands envy this newfound resolve to transcend this wretched state. They will all crumble to ash when the spirits call. Not I."