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Research and Thoughts of Beatrix Haupt

7/30 - Observations and Search for Suitable Subjects

I have been in Vallaki for a few weeks now. I was thinking of leaving shortly after arriving but it has proven most useful in my studies. Many groups of self proclaimed "adventurers" congregate in this bump on a log for whatever reason. The mists also seem to enjoy letting outlanders out here perhaps someone could figure out more on the natures of the mist here but that is not my concern. I have made several observations that will be helpful for future studies

--- Quote ---SUBJECT: Crimson LycanA large lycan with crimson fur. Moves quickly, quite strong. Fascinating Musculature. I have been around for one of it's attacks on the "adventurers" and after another. I was able to get detailed notes and sketches of some of the victims of the subject and the damage it has caused. Data is useful but requires further investigation.

SUBJECT: SkeletonsMany in the sunkisser's crypts. Move as if they where still alive but are held together by magic. There is much room for improvements on their designs, reinforcing joints in particular. Perhaps more study in to the zombies that also frequent the crypts will provide clues to improvement
--- End quote ---

No candidates for long term study have been found. Past subject Tsukumo-Doji showed promise but was easily ambushed in lycan cave to the north and fell with the rest of the group. Will continue search for a reliable subject for field research. Search for arcanist to observe also fruitless, will continue that search as well.

--- Quote ---GOALS- Move research farther from vallaki
- Continue documentation of Red Wolf and it's victims
- Find Mage to study under
- Investigate Graveyard found on the way to Baratak
--- End quote ---

~ B.H


--- Quote ---Subject:The Associate~ Aiding me in magical studies as well as potentially future plans, Knows of my intentions and has provided me with three books temporarily with intent of getting me my own copies.
~ Has successfully been part of similar experiments to those I wish to conduct
~ Has given me a code to follow and is
      *No spilling of "innocent" blood
      *No unwilling creation of the undead with some exceptions
      *No trapping souls with the same exceptions
      *Powers of the Arcane are a tool to be used
      *Do good whenever possible
      *All the rules can be set aside when lives of "friends and family" are at stake

OPINION: Some of these are frankly, naive and will only hold the experiments back but the associate's knowledge is too useful at this juncture so abiding by them until a point where I can take my studies to a more suitable place

~ The subject they had aided in, this "Husk", would be interesting to see if I can find reports on what happened with it and it's creator
~ They talks of what aided in as if it was a child to them, claiming to have sung to it and read it stories.
~ Their studies have been focused on healing the body though arcane means. Could be useful for my studies
~ Spoke of a Red Wizard that may be useful for my research, should seek him later
~ When moving on to Automotons, seek Gearling.
~ Mentioned looking for a book of Thoth

--- End quote ---

[a drawing of a dark cat's eye]


* Husk
* The Red Wizard
* Further books for study
* Useful and strong forms
--- End quote ---

[multiple drawings of humans and creatures with parts of other creatures replacing parts of the base form one standing out of a man with a large lycan like arm]

8/19 - Movement through idleness

My studies have not involved as much travel as I would have hoped given the time since I have last logged; Despite this much progress has been made. I consider my studies on the Crimson Lycan to be almost completed from an observational standpoint, the environment has changed and the way to study the subject will be amended to reflect as such.

[a drawing of a large pelt is within the pages]

--- Quote ---Subject: The PedagogueA proper instructor has been found, one that is much more agreeable than The Associate to the proper progress of my research. As per the agreement I have made with them any research I may or may not have had has been removed from my records. I will be aiding them in various tasks they require in return for aid in my projects as well as founds for increasing my spell knowledge. They stretch my mind more than any I have met before, this arrangement will be most beneficial
[This note is scrawled on the side of the book]
Question: How do we stabilize negative energy in a living body without killing it?
Proposition: Preserve the organs first
Test: Partial mummification
--- End quote ---

[A drawing of a human chest cavity is scribbled in, certain organs being removed and diagrams of how to properly preserve them in oils, salts and wrappings]

A study of further subjects needs to be found. Of parts studied for my first creation I have decided on the arm and head. The Crimson Lycan provides the basis for the arm and the head and mind of a man provides for the central control of the design. I must look in to locomotion of the entire project, perhaps a design from arthropods for added stability and mobility? Further research before a proper proposal can be presented

~ B. H

[The next page is a scale drawn of a creature with a Lycan's arm for one of it's arms, a chest of a strong and well built man along with a head. The legs on this drawing are arthropidic in nature, like a crab or spiders]

9/1 - A series of sketches

--- Quote ---[The first sketch is of the various scorpion men that are found around Har'Akir along with a group of adventurers. One a man in unusual garb, Another a figure in heavy armor and the last in leathers and drawn changing their shape. Under the drawing of the scorpions there are simple words written in Lamordian "My design has merit. The form has it's function and it works, just requires refinement and improvement"]
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---[The next sketch is of a hybrid of a man and an umber hulk. The creature maintains the shape of the umber hulk but there appears to be no chitin rather flesh that is warped and stretched to fit the hulking form, the hands end in hardened appendages still looking as though they are the umber hulk's burrowing claws. Another note is written under this one "Look in to finding creatures with longer lifespans to add to the design"]
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---[The final sketch is of the Lycan/Human/Arthropod hybrid. It has maintained it's usual design with a few minor changes, the legs clearly are scorpion legs now though the form lacks the typical scorpion tail, rather replaced with nothing. This design also has wings on it with notes written by them "Look in to dissecting Manticore, if bones are not hollow but still allow flight mobility options are available"]
--- End quote ---

Thoughts: I have been studding others research and it has brought forth a theory. The adult mind is often more rigid and can't be molded as easily to meet requirements especially compared to a child. Perhaps once experiments begin their form would also prove true in this case.  I have an idea on how to acquire this subject.

Question: Is the body of a child as malleable as their mind?
Proposition: Acquire a child for testing of the theory, potentially one that will not make a fuss of being moved to the testing facility
Test: Find a child that trusts me

9/17 - Dissatisfaction

Opinion and Thoughts: Though personal growth of the arcane knowledges have grown greatly since I moved my primary location of study I have found a lack of subjects to observe and find ways to improve designs. Those of the draconic blood have proven interesting but to capture and research on them would be much effort that would result in a hunt for me. They all have allies that would be able to track down and find me and it is much too soon to become a target of many. Perhaps finding one not "awoken" as other are and experimenting on them will prove useful though dissection and examination of their bones to see if they are hollow would not be possible in that case;Will consider once I return from my trip.

[A human circulatory system is drawn on the page]

I have returned to the location of meeting the Pedagogue in hopes of finding them. Their opinion on an issue has proven to be correct though as dissatisfying as it is to admit that I have made an error in general judgement, it is currently the best option for my studies. What I hope to achieve is great and progress does not wait. I will allow the others to claim some ownership or companionship with the success of my first design but the sooner I can return to study with The Pedagogue the sooner actual progress can be made.

Though most in the new location of study have proven to be nothing but kjleen flocke, children, and not in the good way of having a wonder and willingness to learn. Simply content with squabbling between each other with no interest in knowledge. There are a few who have proven worth my time outside of using their resources for my gain, in particular my instructors and the new student. I do not look forward to my return though at this point it is out of necessity. I will bare it as long as I have to for my research as in the end that is the most important thing.

[a drawing of a tube is at the bottom of the page. It seems to be large in size as what seems to be the previous design with the umber hulk like features is suspended inside it. A note is written underneath it in Lamordian]
Though localized alteration might be hard to achieve other projects have some hope still


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