Author Topic: Vallaki - Shores of Lake Zarovich  (Read 1007 times)


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Vallaki - Shores of Lake Zarovich
« on: July 28, 2019, 10:48:19 PM »
In the morning of July 28, 774 BC -- reports of a bizarre, inexplicable incident spreads across Vallaki City, as over a dozen unidentified bodies -- all of them headless and reeking of sewage, were discovered washing up on the shores of Lake Zarovich.

Within the annals of Vallaki Citadel's historical records, this event would later notoriously become known as "The Headless Tide Massacre"..

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Re: Vallaki - Shores of Lake Zarovich
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[In the month since the incident that had blighted Mount Baratak, the spring thaw gives way to renewed life. The industrious fishermen of Vallaki rejoice at the Angler's Rest with tankards of Tsuika to celebrate the return of the fishing trade. While the numbers were fewer than prior catches of the season, the darkness appears to have lifted and left the hope of prosperity in its place.]