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Elegant designs adorn the outskirts of the pages, to the point where they appear to be an extension of the vaasi words themselves.

--- Quote ---774, Juli
Nordenvall Village

It is with great apprehension that I must commit to such a device to maintain my current train of thought, however - I see with the utmost clarity that I have little choice in this matter. The value of these pages is yet to be determined, however their simple existence is an indication of the progress I've already made since leaving Sly-Var.

It is an irrevocable fact that I have made considerable strides, and have proven myself worthy to be tested accordingly to the highest standards one can perceive; divine guidance bestowed upon us from our glorious Lord Hazlik. Soon will be the day that I can escape this veritable mental hell of ineptitude, and absolve myself by becoming a sanctioned practitioner of the arts. It will be then, and only then that I will find myself satiated.

The future will be mine to behold, now I must simply get to work.

[At the bottom of the page, the drawings on the outskirts of the page turn into a clear depiction: Individuals on their knees, with beautiful flowers growing out of the top of their skulls]

--- End quote ---

Written on the back of the first page of the book, the text lacks some of the embellishment and geometrical designs of the first, As if it had taken less time write

--- Quote ---774,Juli

After an enlightening discussion with the Master of Recruitment about the nature and design of my proposal, it would appear things are off to excellent beginnings. I have acquainted myself with the Senior Instructor, and eagerly await to please him with my presentation. The efforts are already starting to come to fruition, and the initial premise for my thesis has been approved. It would also seem that there is a mutual interest in some aspects of it's design, something that could prove most valuable as I convert these desires into reality.

The recent security concerns have not gone unnoticed by me, it would seem that nuisances from abroad are attracted to our culture like flies to excrement. While I do not fault them for wanting to witness our way of living, they have proven to be filthy and undesirable guests. I have measured the risks of such parasites and their ability to interfere with my affairs, and have decided to call back some of those who have been searching for my father. While I have no doubts that he is alive, it is clear to me that I require dogs of my own. I will see they find their way back to our Lord's soil, so any outside threat can be dealt with accordingly and the mytteri that plague our land will find their rightful place in hell.

--- End quote ---

On the third page adjacent, the colorful and meticulous designs resume, this time much more spherical in nature. Deep circles revolving within themselves many times over in multiple variations grace the margins of the page - with a simple question written on the top, with room on the rest of the page to continue writing.

--- Quote ---A person is the totality of their experiences, molded and crafted by their environment. When this is not sufficient, other means are used.

How far can one bend, before they are broken?

--- End quote ---

Unceremoniously scrawled in the next page, with various topographical maps tucked between the pages. 

--- Quote ---774, Juli
Hazlan-Barovia Border Gate Checkpoint

Feyza has found her way to Ramulai, with troubling news no less. It seems my sister continues to play the cards from her hand, forcing my own. She has called back most of the remaining search efforts back to Sly-Var in an effort to swiftly conclude the expedition to ascertain our father's whereabouts. This is completely unacceptable, and I refuse to let her continue to usurp me!

While this may serve as a distraction from some academic efforts, I have little such choice in the matter save to take such circumstances into my own hands. I have assembled some of the most elite and decorated enforcers under my family's name, who will be leading these renewed expeditions at my hand. They have proven loyal, and competent - even when subjected to the unspeakable sins of this land. They have demonstrated themselves exemplary, and what they lack in number they atone in skill.

Barovia is nothing short of a miserable place, I would equate it to hell. They are deprived of most luxuries, and the land is infested heathens that never cease their blasphemy. The Svalich road is long, and poorly maintained...certainly an embarrassment to the Von Zarovich family.  Is this what they look out to from that large estate of theirs? I would rather have nothing!

This week has been trying, A return to Nordenvall is in order.

--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---774, Juli
Nordenvall Village

Subject: T
Age: 80 [stated]
Weight: 70lbs
Height: 3'6'

Tests completed:
Emotion Spectrum Examination (ESE)
Cognitive Malleability Examination (CME)

Thorough testings of the demi-human I have acquired have yielded fair results. I have sampled the spectrum of her cognitive capacities and they appear ripe for molding. I will not deny that this one appears to be quite capable of extraordinary things, and the price for it was certainly right. It will begin service immediately under the supervision of my honorary guard.

It seems business does not cease, perhaps it would be wise to speak with the crimson constituency regarding an acquisition offer.


--- End quote ---

A variety of meticulously drawn maps are tucked neatly between the pages. Each of them portray an acute sense of detail in regards to their depicted locations. Among these papers exist a manifest and a ledger - along side a sheet of paper with what would appear to be random symbols completely unrelated. 

--- Quote ---774, August

A continuous strain of fair events has forced me to evade the greater goals at hand, while somehow also proving to be just as distruptive as they have enlightening. I see now with unveiled clarity that there exist greater powers well beyond the current threshold of my own. While the supreme games were indeed a marvelous sight to behold, they have illustrated the distance between my current state and the progress I have yet to obtain. There are truly those who are quite mighty, and I have taken such failures home with me as quintessential lessons.

I have secured a holding across the border to enhance the station of my enforcers while I am away. One of such has proven himself particularly loyal over the course of this grand search effort. He seems to have evolved and risen to the task of finding my father, developing a sort of autonomous productivity. I am curious to know the ceiling of such, for he has proven to mean a great deal to me.   

--- End quote ---

On the page adjacent, the now usual artistic floral designs shape the page once more - forming what appears to be an elegant labratory sheet. The arboric designs juxtaposing the clean columns that segment the page. For as much time as it would have taken to draw this, there is very little information filled out.

--- Quote ---Subject: untitled 01 (demi human)
Age: unknown
Weight: 100lbs (approx)
Height: 5'0 (approx)

Tests completed:
Cognitive Stasis (critical failure)

Untitled test subject was hand selected from a pool of viable candidates based on physical wellness and suitability for prolonged testing. This test was conducted in prepraration for future examiniation.

-The test subject appeared to be immune to the proposed method of subdual.
-Unaware of this demi human trait, procession of step two resulted in failure.
-Subject became hostile, showing acute signs of mania. Reduced to the sensate level.
-Existing in a state beyond stabilization, the testing of untitled demi human was abruptly aborted

Before I was able to return the subject back to processing, It was subject to accident by a servant of House Za'am.
This test has concluded in failure.

--- End quote ---


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