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Re: Vallaki - Western Outskirts
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[A brief speech was given by the Aasimar, Esmerelda Namarra, announcing the destruction of the wight, Jacopo. The response from the crowd was muted at best, and the Paladin and her companion, Saira, left shortly afterwards.]


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Re: Vallaki - Western Outskirts
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Shortly after dawn, a band of Ezrites speaking in Mordentish and Richemuloise accents could be seen carrying a small, auburn-haired young woman along the road from the west and into the Lady's Rest. Wearing a haphazardly-tailored, bloodied linen coat, the girl was unnaturally pale, and seemed either dead or unconscious; keener eyes would settle unambiguously on the latter interpretation.

The young woman was taken into a room upstairs and left to rest. She has not yet emerged.
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Re: Vallaki - Western Outskirts
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[Word spreads that an acolyte in the Cult of the Morninglord, Silvia Draghescu, will be travelling with the Vistani of the Western Outskirts to Darkon to honor to the last words of Dr. Lazarus Thorne and his request to be buried in his homeland next to his wife.  Those interested in joining her are welcome to do so when the vardo departs on the fifth day of first month of the 777th year.  The journey will be perilous and many months long and should not be expected to be seen for some time if they make it back.]

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//OOC: Note that this is a shelving for an undetermined amount of time, though if people wish to join in that they are welcome to.