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Generational outlanders

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So if two outlanders have a child, would that child be considered native? How many generations would it take, if at all?

Iridni Ren:
IMO depends on Domain and whether you mean socially versus legally.

Socially, locals might have varying standards. Reactions to Outlanders are based on things like behavior and appearance. Someone could always try to pass as a Native, regardless of birth or ancestry.

Yeah, thatís going to depend on a lot of factors, none of which can be easily defined OOC.

Well, here's an example. Say two people from Oerth have a child, and that child has another child from an outlander from say Ebberon or something. Now, if that child gets taken in by a coven of hallowed witches, would that child, being born in the core still not qualify for the class. This is all hypothetical curiosity by the way.

In your example, no. As a native bloodline is what is required not naturalisation.

--- Quote from: EO on December 30, 2018, 09:49:37 PM ---Hallowed Witch


Hallowed Witches are descendants of the bloodlines of the original Thirteen Witches to whom the goddess Hala gave secret knowledge of the Weave. Through the careful study of magic both arcane and divine, they prepare themselves to be indoctrinated into the mysteries of the Weave by another Hallowed Witch. Their divine magic is always received from Hala, usually as clerical magic, but there are druidic worshippers of the Goddess and even some rangers reach the level of necessary proficiency to comprehend the first elements of the manipulation of the Weave itself.


Sources: Van Richten's Arsenal, Volume I

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