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Missing fortitude save - rogue/barbarian/fighter multiclass.

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zDark Shadowz:
Hi there,

I am aware that the fortitude save was fixed for wizards but-

It seems my character is missing a fortitude save. The fortitude save is present on a local module, but not on PotM.

4 rogue 6 barbarian 6 fighter  (11 fort, 8 reflex, 5 will)
14 dexterity (+2 reflex
14 constitution (+2 fortitude)
10 wisdom (+0 will)

Luck of Heroes +1 universal
Strong Soul +1 fortitude +1 will
Great Fortitude +2 fortitude
Lightning Reflexes +2 reflex
Iron Will +2 will
Disciplined Mind +1 will

This totals 17 fortitude, 13 reflex, 10 will, however in Ravenloft my character is only 16 fortitude 13 reflex 10 will.

What race/subrace? Any equipped items?

zDark Shadowz:
It also seems my lvl 10 druid of 12 constitution is missing a fortitude save as well. It's returning a 7 when it should be an 8, no additional saving throw feats on this one.

Both regular human from Faerun, no items equipped.

I am missing 1 point of fortitude on my Half-Vistani as well.  Honestly, I just assumed that maybe I was receiving the +1 that was mentioned in that other bug thread and it was now fixed due to the update.

My Bard is missing one as well...


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