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Holy Symbols and Vampires

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I'd love to see NPC vamps have to follow the same rules as the MPC ones. So is it possible for holy symbols to have an inherent attribute to keep vamps at bay when equipped as long as you aren't in combat?  There was a knock-back effect on several different spells on a different server I played  that would actually repel enemies backwards if they got within 5' of you so they couldn't get into melee range and attack. Spells like Repel vermin, Repel Undead and Force Push. They could still shoot at you or cast spells, but not get close if they failed their save.

Maybe this could be a cone-shaped, targeted ability where you actually have to select and lock on to a single vampire that you want to repel and it could work like a cone to keep him and those close to him from getting into melee range. Maybe the vamps from the side and back could still get at you though, and if you do anything other than remain locked on to him, such as attack or cast a spell, the effect is immediately lost.

Maybe vamps have to overcome a DC of 10 + wisdom + charisma as its your faith and force of personality that forces them back. It would be nice if the feats; "Fearless" and "Iron Will" added to the DC as well.

I guess this could work on MPC vamps too, but I really like RPing it out with them. Just a thought!

zDark Shadowz:
Vampires are varied and unique, although most share the same vulnerabilities and aversions, not all will.

That being said, in 3.0 the holy symbol must be strongly presented, so if you have the Torch variant holy symbol and start reciting your rites well enough in front of an A/MPC vampire you should get an interesting reaction (but if there's none at all ICly perhaps there's a reason they don't recoil, such as their fear of a deity is lessened in the Mists where deities don't have as strong of a connection to their followers.)

There is a feat that does force repulsion of vampires that anyone can take provided they meet the requisites.

It works rather similarly to what you are after should 'Turn Undead' fail you.

There are possibly many weaknesses to the vampires we don't see that are self-imposed or listed on the monster forums, and part of the fun is finding them out through any personality quirks or nuances.

Ya I know about all that stuff.. but none of it matches what I'm asking for here above, and this doesn't really apply to AMPCs who already do a fantastic job of RPing this.  This is for the AI controlled NPC vamps.

A holy symbol should keep a vampire at bay as long as presented with conviction and faith. I'm not looking for the sorts of existing feats that send them running. I am suggesting that ALL holy symbols have an inherent attribute that can keep them from coming close to you WHILE you are locked onto them WITH the holy symbol equipped; but ONLY if they fail a save vs. your will-based check. The "knock-back" effect is the only way I know of to actually accomplish this. It wont make the run, it won't make them loose interest or agro in you, just keep them from approaching WHILE you're holding the symbol by knocking them back.

It should ONLY work on vampires in front of you who fail the check, and if you stop "using" the holy symbol to target them directly by doing some other action, like spell casting or attacking, the effect is lost. It shouldn't  be an aura that stops vampires from coming up behind you, or attacking you from a distance. The source says vampires may seek a way around your holy symbol, they just can't approach it when presented with faith.

I personally think this check should be pretty hard to pass for the vamps that way even Noobs can ward off a vampire in this way and maybe buy time or figure out an escape. For someone with high wisdom/charisma this check should be very hard for a vampire to overcome, especially if they're a cleric.

Legion XXI:
Other than being able to just loot the Terg crypts 100% effort free, what purpose would this even serve?  Like why do we need this? Why are people going into the very few places vampires spawn to NOT fight vampires? Also how can you tell if a PC is presenting it with faith and conviction or just equipping it because it makes vampires stop attacking them? 

Without really even thinking too hard I can come up with a handful of reasons this wouldn’t be easy to implement or even a great idea.  For one, I don’t know what you mean by “knock back” if you don’t mean KD or fleeing, but if you’ve got a method of retaining aggro while not allowing enemies to attack you, you’re essentially capable of endlesssly tanking them and leading them around with you on some kind of vampire safari while the rest of your party does....whatever they came there to do if it’s not get XP.  Which still remains the main source of confusion for me, since it seems this would only be applicable in an extremely small number of scenarios if any kind of spellcasting actions or combat cancel the effect.

Like what do you envision this being used for besides looting or corpse rescues?

there's a feat called warding gesture that might suit your needs.


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