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Noises heard from the woods


Noises Heard from the woodlands west of Vallaki
A man garbed in a worn and tattered kilt set within the center of the old stones. Their shadows turning with the passing sun overhead until darkness soon hid their turn.
   This place was old.. The land beneath him perhaps not as twisted as the rest. Not as hollow... His brow furrowed and lids hid the rust colored orbs set within his head. His hands came out to the side setting the flat of his palm against the stones that stretched over his head. Slow breaths took into the night air in light plumes. The sound of mournful wolves being left behind as he tried to find that center. He shook his head lightly and let the stones go. She was there he knew. Always watching over him as he tried to find that inner peace that he could let go in. Unsure how many hours she had watched him but the small fire she had lit had since gone cold. Judging by the leaves that gathered over his lap it had been likely quite a while. There was to much. The sounds of the wolves. The smell of the grass and wood smoke from the outskirts over the hills to the west as well as nearby. They would wait as long as it took. Or until he lost his temper again...
   The land had been harsh upon them both. Like a tree stripped of a few branches in a storm. So much noise...   He opened a small pack and withdrew a lump of undyed bees wax. Working it between his fingers to warm it he tore it in two and tucked it into his ears, quieting the outside world. Taking away one of his senses. A torn bit of cloth he had taken from his last hunt still stained lightly with blood was lifted and tied around and over his eyes to block his vision. His hands returned to the stones and a calm took him. So still. Sitting in silence. Her eyes upon him not a sound... She was there still he knew but he tried his best to drift away into his head. Within him.. His past flashed now and again.. small trickles like a dream but he kept returning to the now. His lips tightened as time went on.
   Hours ticked by. The feel of the wind upon his flesh and the small touch of leaves caressing him on their journey to the forest floor. His fingers curled into his fists and his lips curled into a snarl before letting out a fierce growled shout, nearly springing to his feet. He crouched there as he trembled. He couldn't find it. It still eluded him yet. His right hand shot out slamming into the stone. The pain woke him and made him more alert but did nothing to extinguish the rage that beat in his chest and his heart hammering at his ribs. He looked past it until he suddenly realized he was leaning his head against the cool stone. Looking down at his bleeding  knuckles. The crimson stain darkened on the stones. How long had he been here? He pushed himself from the stone and looked over to her setting by a freshly fed firelight. She smiled...

[The noises  of his outburst could be heard in the surrounding area. Shouted growls in a tongue that wasnt quite words to echo among the woods]

***Looking for a Shifter PC for rp and training***


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