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Author Topic: Marked For Death - Tyz  (Read 648 times)

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Marked For Death - Tyz
« on: April 04, 2019, 12:05:20 AM »
[A small number of these parchments have been seen in the sewers of Vallaki, and spread to the surface above.  They are not many in number.]

Let it be known that the one named here is marked for death:


A voice has called out in prayer, speaking the name of this man.  In its woeful tale, it describes a man who has committed great wrongs.  A man who has led his companions to death against hordes of undead, so that he may later return and pilfer their equipment for his own gain.  A man who claims death is not to be feared, that he laughs in its face.  He is said to be loyal only to the coin he endlessly seeks, and knows no higher cause.

It is not ours to judge guilt or innocence.  It is not ours to assign right or wrong.  It is only ours to answer.  Perhaps this prayer was whispered fervently in the dark, exaggerated in hopes that someone would answer.  Perhaps it is the unaltered truth of things.  Only one thing is known - the one called Tyz will taste death.  A pact has been made and his blood has been called for.  He shall be pursued from today unto the end of days, until he has answered the call of Death.

May you find strength in the struggle ahead, Tyz.  Your path has led you here, and here, you shall find wisdom if you are bold enough to seek it.