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I'm new to the mist, while trying to figure out what I wanted to play I accidentally disabled 2 characters by re rolling with the same name.  Who should I plead with to get them fixed ?  Also, is there any way to delete a character to avoid this again ?

We aren't currently accepting any character deletion request unfortunately. Though, to avoid this kind of problem in the future, simply avoid reusing the exact same name, adding a space at the beginning of your character name the second time does the trick!

As for character being disabled, I'm not sure what you mean... but if its a message you are seeing in game, a DM might be able to better help you.

Thank you Iluvatar, never thought about the space.  I am getting the message in game, cant move or do any action on those 2.  Hopefully a DM can shed some light.

If they got disabled right after making them, I would suggest you simply note down the stats and remake the character.


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