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Author Topic: Bellegarde Consortium Ltd. Mercantile Division  (Read 592 times)


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Bellegarde Consortium Ltd. Mercantile Division
« on: February 19, 2019, 05:07:32 PM »
//The B.C.Ltd crossed swords crest adorns the top of this notice//

The Bellegarde Consortium Ltd. Is proud to announce the opening of its mercantile division, offering wares from our cadre of fine crafters, and treasures gathered from around the core. Each member of our sales division who leaves their inventory here will also post their preferred shop locations and contact locations. Please leave private correspondence for merchants regarding their wares or private viewings, as we don’t want the notice boards to get cluttered up with requests and the proprietors to tear them down.


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Re: Bellegarde Consortium Ltd. Mercantile Division
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2019, 05:08:47 PM »
//Notices marked with the B.C.Ltd crest start showing up in the mist camp and throughout Barovia, mounted to signposts, notice boards, or tavern signs

I, Hound, am happy to again start providing my services under an established and trusted name like the Bellegarde Consortium. Below will follow a listing of my current inventory, I generally set up shop in one of the taverns throughout Vallaki, or on merchant row in the outskirts. If you would like a private viewing leave word for me with the proprietor of the Lady’s Rest or at the B.C.L. offices in Kroftburg and we can set up a time.

Through my long time as a merchant I’ve become accustomed to the intricacies of odd and magical items, and would be happy to help puzzle out the use of said items for all who visit my shop.

Boots of the Sun Soul – Stylish boots for the martial artist in or out of the dojo
Lamordian Labcoat – A fine coat to look like a professional healer
Healing belt – A jewelled belt to tend to an adventurers scrapes
Slayer’s Bracers – Wrist guards built to deflect the incompetent strikes of the undead
Sash of Amoria – A golden sash sure to impress
Cloak of Protection vs Evil – Better then holding up the evil eye
Shirt of Bone - Punches, kicks, mace strikes, they'll all feel like kittens batting at you with this on
Greater Gloves of Concentration - They never bunch or slip, so they'll never distract you at that critical moment
Robe of Sorcery – These robes help channel and direct your magical energies
Shirt of Chains – The fine chains woven into this shirt helps catch a dagger or rapier before it can make it to the good bits.
Ceinture du Revolutionnaire – The red of this belt, some natural some blood, can get someone’s blood up if they notice it
Bracers of the Caliban Ranger - Wrist guards to assist a woodsman in his hunts

Helm of the Bat – It might look ridiculous but you can hear a mouse fart with it on
Eyes of Charming – Stare into their eyes and make a suggestion


Rod of Thunder & Lightning – A rod charged with magical energies that can mimic its namesake

Bonecrusher – A lighter maul, but only really good on the brittle bones of the undead
Practice Baton – Use it for training yourself, or to correct another’s mistakes
Masterwork Rapier – It’s just really well made
Ice Shard – It’s colder than your ex’s heart
Penance of Thieves – This ax can take a hand and close the wound all in one stroke
Angel Arm – A huge sword blessed to fight against the forces of evil
Calvary Saber – Built to swing from a mount it has some extra weight and oomph to it
White Stagg-Cob Palm Composite Longbow - It can sure pack a wallop, if you can draw it
Silver Dagger
Silver Katar
Ranger's Arm - A woodsman's longbow, exceptional at hunting unnatural prey

Pendant of the Souk – Impress those merchants so much they forget you don’t know what dirt’s worth
Curative – Look good while you pretend you’re a priest
Amulet of Hyper-vigilance – Eyes getting old, keep losing your hat, let this amulet perk you back up
The Magnifier – Keep losing your magnifying glass? Just tie it around your neck
Cameo of Glamour – Helps you sing as good as you look, folks might just do what you want

Ring of Negative Protection – It takes the edge off those dark and devious necromancer spells
Ring of the Mouth – Ever wish you had that little big extra to talk yourself into a bar brawl, here it is
Moonfriend – Can you scare the undead with a mere look? Want to do it more?
Ring of Warmth – It’ll keep you warmer than a bears belly on Baritok
Lodestar – It can light your way while to try to find your way out of the darkness
Ring of Resistance +1 – It can make you tougher and nimbler of mind and body
Ring of Lies – You are not the Hin the garda is looking for
Ring of Anti-venom – Don’t suck on your companions snakebite, you’re not that close, this ring will do
Jackals’ Ring – Put on the bat helm and this ring, you’ll hear that mouse fart before it does
Ring of Resilience – Always getting knocked out? This will help you crawl to safety and not learn your lesson
Ring of Scholars – It can light up your books as you squint at them, maybe get the magnifier to help with that

Enchanted Polishing cloth – It was used so many times to make magical weapons, you can use it to pretend yours is too
Scabbard of Blessing – A finely jewelled scabbard blessed with the abilities to tend to a parties needs
Idol of Bast – Do you really like cats? This can make you a furry friend for a time
Candle of Darkness – When you blow it out, things get really dark
Candle of Visibility – Not only can it light your way, it can reveal the unseen
Dragons Eye – Not a real dragon’s eye, but pretending you plucked it from a scaled beast might steel your nerves
Armor Gem – A green hued gem that is able to provide magical armor
Jester’s Plume – Stick this feather in your cap and they’ll be laughing so hard they won’t notice the blade
Drum of Marching - Play this while you walk and the distance will just fly by
Enchanted Whetstone – Run this along a blade to keep its edge sharp as the day it was forged
Besom – A broom that can sweep away magics

Some items kept in reserve while undergoing valuation or for upcoming auctions due to rarity/value. Only for sale prior via private sales meeting for those that can pay what they are worth and value their usefulness.

Looking to purchase two Rings of the Rosy Dawn, if you have said item and are looking to sell, leave word in the normal manner are we can arrange a meeting.
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Re: Bellegarde Consortium Ltd. Mercantile Division
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2019, 09:31:56 PM »
A new batch of flyers are posted up replacing the old ones.


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Re: Bellegarde Consortium Ltd. Mercantile Division
« Reply #3 on: February 25, 2019, 06:34:38 PM »
A new batch of flyers are distributed with an updated list of goods.


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Re: Bellegarde Consortium Ltd. Mercantile Division
« Reply #4 on: March 13, 2019, 06:50:43 PM »
The sales notices that have been posted throughout Vallaki, Kroftburg and Barovia all start to appear weather beaten, torn up and well out of date.