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Crafting XP - Scaling Ideas
« on: March 03, 2019, 02:54:39 PM »
Initial complaints out of the way first - I'd estimated 120 suits crafted from lvl 50 onwards to get somewhere close to lvl 60 smithing but I noticed that the suits were tapering off in increasing diminishing returns with a projected path of 83.33 ancient dire steel full-plates required for level 59 to 60.

Given the absurdly horrible luck I've had with finding adamantine (far worse than the 1/20 chance I've heard people quote per meteorite) it's not something I can train with, ignoring the difficulty my character class combination in general has in collecting meteorites to begin with.

I also noticed with woodworking at level 1 with a DC 10 chitin beetle piece craft it was 11 XP, and DC 15 for the thick variant was 15 XP, as something of a precursor material for both woodworking and leatherworking this requires 66 successes, assuming level 1 and a +4 modifier for people that are more in the balanced range that haven't heavily invested in all the crafting attributes, for a 50% chance that's 132 thick variant beetle carapaces that require processing, just to get one level. To get to level 2.

There are probably better things to craft, more efficient things such as the suit of armor in comparison to weapons, but I'm not sure if the XP rate is healthy from an OOC perspective.

Hide Curing, I can understand in that you're using it for two crafts. A DC 25 item at level 14 gives you 25XP on a success
 This means you need 40 successful cures to get one level. This can be done with a total of four trips to a max spawn trolls or scrags factoring in a 50% rate for someone with no modifier. Youd be using this for smithing, and then it'd be easier when you want to use this for leather working.

Why then is leather boiling an additional cost for so little XP? Especially when youre trying to do DC 30 hides and there's probably only 7-8 ancient dire bears and up to 5 ancient dire crocodiles around to be killed if they haven't been already. Requiring 80 of these hides to get one level in hide curing, and then processing that again through leather boiling before factoring in failure rates beyond that in leatherworking is downright brutal.


So, suggestions? What would be a better alternative? I think perhaps...

If some of the crafts had a flat XP rate for each success, rather than tapering directly toward 0, but still being 0 after the level meets the DC would be a start so that the diminishing returns aren't crippling to people that are starting out their crafting or finishing up their leveling on the other end.

(If someone wants to show me up with an actual computerized / calculated graph comparing differing modifiers a player may have showing the actual projection curves feel free ;) I know this isn't entirely accurate, just a rough idea. Starting point would be higher for people with higher modifiers for instance.)

Intermediary crafts like smelting, hide curing and leather boiling don't directly make useable products, so the XP rates for these should be increased in general, this would go a great way towards leveling up the related classes without needing to adjust nearly as many formulas. More materials yielded means more that can attempt to be processed through the next gate of failure chances.

Crafting recipes at the beginner level should yield far more XP, to encourage people to take up crafting earlier rather than when they're level 10 and can afford to kill 1000+ beetles (not nearly an exaggerated number, and not nearly enough beetles) new players should be fighting instead.


I want more people to take up crafting, it's a very excellently designed system but the sheer grind is on par with MMORPGs that normally gate things behind grinds simply on the basis they have hundreds of thousands of players. We have maybe 200? On and off players at a guess.

If anyone else has any ideas for how the crafting XP should be granted please feel free to post here.
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