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Cure Minor Wounds (CMW)

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This may seem to be a strange hill to start a battle upon but I have been thinking about it for some time and would like to see Cure Minor Wounds (CMW) changed to fit the 3.5 description. That is, to make the spell cure only 1 hit-point, rather than NWN's arbitrary 4 hit-points.

For reference, here are two links to the spell descriptions as exists in the 3.5 ruleset and in Neverwinter Nights:

My reasoning is as follows:

* Firstly, Virtue, another cantrip, is rendered utterly useless by CMW. Virtue provides only 1 temporary hit-point in comparison to CMW's assured 4 healed. Even on a level 2 PC, there is no reason to value that 1THP next to a certain 4. I cannot think of a circumstance where 1THP is more valuable than healing 4 post-encounter. Bringing CMW in line with the 3.5 description would make a mixture of both spells a reliable tactic and prompting some actual thought in how cantrips are allocated on Druid and Cleric characters.
* Secondly, the lowest, most minor heal should be just that, minimum. This is a cantrip of the smallest possible skill. 4HP as the smallest unit seems an arbitrary and elevated number and does not reflect that the spell is able to heal only the very smallest amount. There exists, no doubt, some roleplay utility in bringing this number down to the very smallest possible.
* Thirdly, Cure Light Wounds (CLW) is able to actually heal less than CMW until the character reaches level 3, and is able to heal the same amount still at level 4. The internal logic here makes no sense; how does a spell of greater difficulty act weaker than a cantrip?
* Finally, to reiterate, the 3.5 description actually lists this spell as only healing 1 hit-point. If the rules of this server strive to emulate the 3.5 set, then I think this should not be forgotten.

I read on the wiki that Clerics have one less spell slot per level, and I wonder if this balance change is related to that.

I would like to see other cantrips become more useful than CMW becoming fully unworthy of any cast, except to stabilise someone who's unconscious, which most do with potions anyway. Currently, I just have all slots on my level 10 Cleric as "Light" or "Resistance" but usually I don't have to use them, as glowing weapons/spells/equipment are a bit more common than one would expect starting at around level 5 or 6. This could be an indication of an economy issue.

What if CMW healed for 2, and Virtue gave 2 temporary hitpoints?

This would be a nerf to the Healing domain by making their cantrip heal 3 instead of 6 but probably not a huge deal. They might not feel worthy of hotbar slots at some point though. I already use cantrips very little, and considering a Cleric can start out with like 11 uses of Turn Undead and use the Sacred Healing feat at like, level 4 or 5 (not an expert on how skillpoints max out), this cantrip might become fully ignored.

So you want to make a useless spell remain useless by making another spell equally as useless?

This seems like a non-issue, but if a developer thinks it's a good idea to spend their time on something so minor (get it?) then I won't be raising my pitchfork.

Clerics have the spell slot removed because that extra slot is a domain slot--but there's no way to limit it in NWN, so it has been removed.

Most cantrips are entirely useless or have some small utility. 4 HP vs 1 will rarely make any difference in combat and will relegate yet another spell to the useless pile. Virtue is bad, but I'd rather see it become something someone might actually cast, rather than everyone ignoring CMW for the remainder of the game.


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