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Author Topic: "Going somewhere Giorgio?" Vistani Caravans Taking you to Neighbouring Domains  (Read 2732 times)


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If your character is some kind of an outsider and fits nowhere in the domains... Welcome to the life of an outsider I guess. You still have to be somewhere.

I don't really have a horse in this race either way but I agree with this. If this hub were removed, people would find another. The wanted and the hunted have a great story kicker waiting for them MC or not.

"Hello, we just cleared place X. Now we want to go to place Y. Has anyone cleared it recently?"

I sleep hearing this. Obviously it's not mist camp exclusive, but it reminds me of theme park MMOs. I wish people didn't approach dungeon areas like this, it feels less like an adventure and more like a routine trip to the supermarket.
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This is getting a little off-track, and we've explained why we don't intend to add this feature, so I'm going to close it for now.
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