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[Proclamations of the Vallaki Garda]
« on: August 09, 2020, 07:22:20 PM »
Attention all enterprises currently renting or seeking to rent a store or warehouse in Vallaki!

The current system of leases for places within Vallaki, kindly granted by his Excellency the Burgomaster Svari Ionelus and his appointed assessors, are not to be exploited in order to generate personal gains and profits. No one but the appointed subjects of the Burgomaster of Vallaki have the right to "start bids" or auctions on the leases. No contracting part is allowed to "sell" their right to rent a place upon desiring to leave without first seeking permission. Contractors are allowed and expected to earn their profits by operating their places and serving the public by lawful means, such as the trading of goods and refreshments.

Heed these words, those who fail to abide will find harsh punishment!

Lance Corporal Nandru Anghelescu
Vallaki Garda

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