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The "Trial" Of Milleuda
« on: January 18, 2022, 11:24:17 PM »
[Posted on the tree outside the Ladies Rest are two letters, hung one above the other, for the letter was to long for one page]

It has come to my attention that the crows have "arrested" Milleuda  for murder, lies, and consorting with a necromancer. They are intending to do an investigation, and try her for these crimes, then, if found guilty, deliver punishment.

My question for all who read this, and to the garda, is, who gave the crows the right to do this? Who gave them the right to determine who is guilty and who is innocent? I believed that in Vallaki, that was the garda's duty and sole right.

Milleuda is not wanted within the boundaries of Vallaki, and yet, not but a few days before her "capture" a mysterious contributor put a two hundred thousand fang reward for her in Vallaki. Is it also not the Garda's sole right to declare bounties? If we allow one bounty to be collected on someone without the garda's approval, where does it end?

I would like to remind everyone of the sixth law of the land.

[Here is where the second page starts]

"VI. Those who reach above their station, impersonate any office they were not prescribed, or otherwise seek to undermine the Count's authority and those he appoints to rule are marked traitor and rebel and shall be put to death."

Now I know the crows are not trying to reach above their station and go above the law of the land. Certainly they will realize that the best course of action, is to present Milleuda to the garda, and allow the rightful and just appointed justice of Vallaki to determine her guilt or innocence.

[The letter is not signed]


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Re: The "Trial" Of Milleuda
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2022, 02:16:43 PM »
[A letter is pinned atop the second letter.]

To the author of this letter,

Submit yourself to the Vallaki Garda for questioning on these accusations or they'll be insufficient evidence to carry on this case. Furthermore, airing your accusations is highly inappropriate and you should be sending a letter to a member of the Garda in private or speak to us in person.

You have FIVE days.

Private Vasilica Ursu
Vallaki Garda
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