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Ivalice. ( The writings of Volkov Ivalice. )



As I sit here in the Broken Bell.. With my bottle of Black Tarn, the moonlight shining over my body, and the thick fog of opium condensing the air. I wonder just how far people will go to fight the devils of the land. Do they succumb to their own temptations? Do we make deals with lesser evils? I just wish I knew what is to come of all of this, and what the price we have to pay is. This will not end well for any and all involved.

I hope these people pulling strings are prepared. Or be consumed by their own desires to resolve these conflicts.


With each day, the bond of family I share with my fellow Morninglordians gets stronger. Despite the rocky path along the way, I have found a great respect and adoration for them all.

My dear Alin.. Despite our differences recently, we have become stronger. He's an anchor of brevity I have needed for so long. A wonderful man I am glad to call a brother. I now know the weight this man carries on his shoulders. And even if he does it so no one else has to, he will never be alone. I will be by his side through it all.

Elenuta. The very definition of duty, and honor. How he puts up with my crass jokes or the things I do is beyond me.. But despite his beard covered scowl and silhouetted eyes, he too, is someone I trust. He is the Lion of The Dawn, but to me he is Elenuta. My brother. My life is in good hands when we're together. And if making that frowning sod smile isn't my goal here, I do not know what else is.

And of course Loredana. Someone I have admired. Tenacious, resolute, and..kind. She has treated me not at the drunken fool I appear to be. But as a friend. She has treated me with kindness and undaunted love that of which I am surely undeserving. Fighting alongside her, on the battlefield, or even at home, has taught me many things. That I can trust her with everything. Mind, body, and soul. And that there is a great deal more in store for me alongside her. When the day comes where I must don the rosy armor and take up weapons to defend the Dawn I will be ready. Because of her keeping my entire being clear. Even if it's just throwing mousse and sweets at each other in Port a Lucine all through the Quartier Publique, covered in mess, I can not help but owe a piece of my heart to her.


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