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Afflictions Aided
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Postings made on noticeboards throughout Barovia.


Afflictions Aided

Whether mange or lice, Ashen or Pale Fevers, from mundane to witchborne, let your suffering cease. If myriad ailments of old or tested life weaken you, let them be abated. If your senses fail, taken by strange compulsions or hallucinations; if you are unable to be rid of crippling illness or depressive stirring, or any and all strange combinations, I offer my healing arts and my deft mind to assist you.

In the holistic tradition of the Curuni people:
* Bones small and long mended.
* Delusions pervasive and invasive tended.
* Disputes of stress and anxiety mediated.
* Curses minor and major broken (exc. the enervative).

Specialty in sickness:
* Debilitating* Mysterious* Contagious

No coin required. Payment by barter as befits circumstance.

Seek Saira of Sticks, clothed in grey and green. Letters by the Lady's Resting Place.