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Nicol-Gidur Amal Sd Nr Shmman-Gedor
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Recollections of the Misted Realms of Many Evils: an assortment of journals, essays, and lamentations penned by Imsal Rodnulvildang of Kitg Odom.

Imsal Rodnulvildang1 was born in 23rd Slate, 88th year of the Age of Od2. In 11th Hematite, 101st Od, Imsal left the dwarf fortress of Kitg Odom3 to pursue the life of an adventurer and escape punishment for assault against Mingus Engigk, fletcher. Her travels were recorded and later published in Thkut dath Lal Nr Lerteth Udos: Fables of the Southern Kingdoms and Their Men of Many Turns4. Imsal then journeyed eastwards to investigate the fate of Kshshak Minkot5, a dwarf fortress presumably lost in 51st Od. In 4th Opal, 132nd Od, somewhere within the mountain range of Exost Stospdab6, Imsal Rodnulvildang disappeared into the mists.

The following fragments are what remain of her.

1. Dwarf-tongue: "Domicile-profanity". The surname denotes a cursed lineage wherein its progenitor had defied some god or another.
2. The Age of Odi was the time when the titan Odii was the only great power in the world.
    i. Henceforth shortened as Od.
    ii. A huge wolf composed of petrified wood. It has quills and it has a regal bearing. Beware its noxious secretions!
3. Dwarf-tongue: "Business Basin". A modest fortress situated on the shores of a mountain lake. A vital trade hub in the western reaches, famous for its pelts and smoked beaver meat.
4. Ownership of the text in part or full was a crime in Kitg Odom punishable by five lashings from the Hammereriii iv.
    iii. The punishment in practice never exceeded a single lash from the Hammerer.
    iv. Kitg Odom owed its relative stability and scant crime to its justicar and his legendary skill.
5. Dwarf-tongue: "Sweltering Corridor". Founded in 12th Granite, 39th Od. Sole dwarfhome of the eastern reaches where goblins rule. Main exports were demantoid and malaria.
6. Goblin-tongue: "Amethyst Spittle". So-named for a dark gnome who once drank a passing caravan's entire supply of alcohol in a single night. The caravan's traders perished to a man.
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