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A Makeshift shrine in the Mist Camp:
« on: December 25, 2018, 04:10:05 PM »
There is a make-shift shrine repeatedly put up in the mist camp no matter how many times it is taken down. It is a meditation and prayer area for a traveling Moarnekone that he uses to focus and make prayers to his ancestors and their god of nature and fertility upon.

This tiny prayer station to the Dead God features a small idol of the Provider moments before His martyred ascension into becoming the Peacebringer and at the base is a Vaasi inscription:
"That which is dead may not suffer still."

The niche itself is exotic, alien, foreboding and morbid but you can tell a lot of loving reverence went into its assembly.

The figurine itself is of inlaid tiger's eye and turquoise with silver wires beaten into it and the eyes are teeny chrysoberyl stones.
Its overall effect is eerie despite the piece being wholly mundane and not a magical relic in any way.
With the statuette's upturned hands, pleading carved facial expression and strangely intense little jeweled eyes, there's just something about the aesthetic that carries with it a profound pathos of pain, loss and hope.
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