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For those seeking help
« on: December 22, 2018, 11:49:31 AM »
New posters appear around the Outskirts, each bearing a red seal depicting the silhouette of a leaping wolf, as well as the Wayfarer Kinship stamp.

"Take heed!

The wilds of these lands are rife with creatures of shadow and malice. If you are new to these lands and seek to venture forth to do battle with the evils of this lands, do not do so unprepared! Seek out Revka Wolfsbane of the Wayfarer Kinship for proper equipment and guidance. All those of good and lawful standing will be provided with what they need to survive.

There will be no charge for those in need of such; aid is offered in the spirit of community and compassion."
Revka Wolfsbane The Child-of-Heart
Leliel Alcimus The Pale Raven
Aimee Adela Russet The Dragonist