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Ace Drusus

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Journal of Ace Drusus
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August 6, 773

[The pages of the first half of this worn, muddy, leatherbound book have been torn out]

     A new if eventful start.

     It was well into the afternoon when I found myself outside of the city by name of Vallaki. Weary from travel and in search of a place to rest and wash the road dust from my mouth I came upon the Lady's Rest. It would seem whatever ladies rest within have more coin than I and I was forced to seek other accommodations within the city.
      I was making my way down the main thoroughfare when I heard two horns sound behind me. Doubling back to investigate the cause for alarm I learned a beast had attacked the garrison near the gate of town. Whatever altercation had occurred was over by the time I arrived and I did not linger to try and learn anything more.
     It was after this I found my way into a house of worship near the garrison. Within I discovered a crate filled with salted meat and fish. Famished I ate and filled my pack to the point of bursting. The clergy seems to be doing well enough for itself that I doubt what I took will be missed. At least for the time being I take comfort knowing I have food to keep me going. Being devoid of coin as I am one might never know when their next meal will come but despite this I have shared my fortune with a few others I have met, although perhaps this is just my attempt to quiet a guilty conscience.
     Speaking of others I have met quite the cast in the short time I have been here. A somber, if skilled, swordsman from Verbrek, another a user of magic that I passed the night with at the Lady's Rest after finding no affordable lodging within the city, a knight of some king I have never heard of - but he will make sure everyone he meets knows it, and a dwarf with the largest head I have ever seen in my life. I pity that one's mother having had to birth that one.

     There is another, a woman by name of Lilith, who hails from my former home. I don't know what brings her here but I lied and told her I hailed from Nevuchar. Thankfully she pressed me no further.
     I fight the urge to travel on but at present I feel far enough from Darkon that I question if I need to worry any further. After what I saw outside the inn last night I fear being caught out after dark even more. For now it seems I sit here with this watery beer and hope I am not asked to leave before dawn's light.