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Author Topic: Notices posted with in the Lady's Rest, Broken Bell, and Drain  (Read 221 times)

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Notices posted with in the Lady's Rest, Broken Bell, and Drain
« on: October 15, 2018, 12:23:27 PM »
{Night Stalkers}

Many of you know me as Doctor von Nightscape or as the Night Priest. My name is Dracos von Nightscape and I am seeking compatriots and comrades in an endeavor to form a union of cause. This is not a task for zealots or of good heart nor wicked and foolish. The work I intend to do is to prosper for the beneficial factor of those whom are slighted and less fortunate while increasing ours prestige and goals. To form a band of like and diverse minds of all walks of life of the night and day. I care not your origins simply if you have a willingness to be loyal to me and those you will work along on the common cause to defend and work. Only those who respect the night or day should apply. We are not above the law of the lands we are guests to our benefactor I intend to promote work, stability, and aid. If your loyalty is coin Iíll shall do so. If you seek a higher calling Iíll shall do so. What we are to be is not vagrants but honorable men and women to a cause. Though our beginnings will start small I pray I may find those alongside me to become grand. I await your call my fellow Night Stalkers.

Sincerely, Dracos von Nightscape

P.S.: Letter can be left to me at the Lady Rest Inn and the Broken Bell.

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