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[A List in the Drain]


Legion XXI:
[The following notes have been posted only in the Drain, prominently displayed where those who travel those dark and dirty halls might see.  A strange symbol adorns the top of the parchment...]

To those who walk these halls: 

Know these people who are named below, for they are hunters.  They have sworn fealty to the cause of Barovian "justice", or have chosen to hunt for reasons of their own.  These named below have drawn steel or cast spell in an attempt to slay those who call this place sanctuary.  This list stands as a reminder of their actions, should they be seen above or below.  Let their deeds not be forgotten.

Jared "The Mercenary" Evenhand - This man wears dark brown leathers, including an animal pelt over his shoulders.  His attire bears long sleeves and has boots fit for outdoor travel.  He wears a hat with a wide circular brim and he has a dark goatee.  He fights with a longbow and seems to be motivated primarily by his pursuit of coin.  He has been once slain already in an attempt to capture a wanted person who was posing him no threat.  His corpse was returned to the temple of the Morninglord in good condition, as he fought with honor and was direct and truthful in his desires to carry out the Garda's will for coin.  He did not strike from the shadows without warning. . . for this he is afforded a small measure of respect.  But be it known that mercy of an easy recovery will not be shown should he attack unthreatened a second time.

Johnan "The Songbird" Drynan - This man has shoulder length grey hair and a thin goatee, with a small strand of hair often tied behind his head.  He wears various attires, most notably one with a red long-sleeve shirt, a black cloak, and light brown pants.  He also wears an attire of browns and greys, with a long brown cloth hanging from his waist in front and back.  He is almost always seen holding a large white baton in his left hand, commonly used for blocking and parrying attacks in combat.  He moves quickly compared to normal men, and is a follower of a path that grants him abilities not known to most.  He fights unarmed, and carries tonics of speed that aid him in moving extremely quickly to hunt and chase his targets.  He has wordlessly answered the call of the Garda before, chasing and attacking fleeing wanted persons without speaking a single word of allegiance, intent, or challenge issued.  He is known to flee at a very fast speed when injured in a fight.  Let it be noted that he has been confirmed passing information of his encounters with hunted individuals to the Vallaki Garda for use in their reports.

Constantine "The Pack Leader" Lupeiovich - A Private in the Vallaki Garda, this one has been consumed with wrath for the death of Nicusor Miklos.  Now, he uses his station as a Vallaki Garda to recruit outlanders to fight for him by nightfall.  He forms bands of adventurers to stalk the lands alongside him, under a guise of the blessing of Barovian law.  He is known to hunt through the darkness of the night, beyond the walls that keep his kind safe.  He claims to have faced the worst that Old Night has to offer, and no longer fears what it may hold.  When not in his Garda's attire, he wears dark black leathers with full sleeves and black boots.  He leaves his face uncovered, and can be recognized by his Barovian features and long brown hair that reaches his shoulders.  He is known to carry a heavy crossbow and uses steel bolts tipped with alchemical heads.  By day, he serves at his post.  By night, he hunts the lands beyond the wall to the west, all the way to the Luna river.  He has also stalked the tunnels below, finding his way to the door of the Drain.  There, he tried to send agents within to flush out his quarry.  Be wary of the wolves he summons to his cause.

Lianna "The Coward" - One of the wolves who serve Lupeiovich, this woman is a warrior who wears armor of polished grey steel and fights with a longblade and tower shield.  Her cloak is of a medium red, and her steel armor has accents of black upon it. Her helm is of intricate elven design, weaving within itself with many curves.  When encountered in Lupeiovich's pack, she was bold and hungry for blood.  However, when cornered alone, she fled with hardly a word and refused to defend herself.  However none may outrun death, and she has been slain for her trespass.  Her corpse has been traded to her companion known as "Doomguide" for a price of knowledge.

Maeth "The Light-Sworn" - Another of Lupeiovich's wolves, this warrior claims to serve a holy cause and seeks to extinguish all evil within the land.  He fights with a longblade and large shield, and wards himself in prayers and divine blessings.  He garbs himself in bulky, heavily rusted steel armor from head to toe.  When helmed, he wears a greathelm bearing the insignia of a cross on the front.  He wears a light brown greatcloak over both shoulders.  He has a female companion named Eliott that he sends out as a spy and gatherer of knowledge.  Maeth was faced with Death alone, and chose to fight to defend himself.  Though he was slain, his struggle showed life.

Edwin "The Hell-Bound" - This human man is known by his warrior's build, his light skin, and his brown hair and medium beard.  In battle he wears the black metal armor of the Crows, and counts himself among their number.  He fights with a greatblade and calls upon divine power to bless him, though is quick to flee at the sight of true danger.  Edwin has professed that his soul has been condemned to the Hells, and no longer belongs to him.  He declared that death is a force to be worshiped, not feared.  He is a follower of the deity "Kuluth", who he claims is an aspect of Death itself.  He hunts alongside Lupeiovich and his other wolves, to gain favor with the Vallaki Garda in hopes that it will advance him higher within his Order of Crows.  In his crossing with servants of Death, Edwin refused to defend himself despite claiming he was fearless and powerful.  He instead attempted to flee, and he has been slain for his trespasses.

Volkov "The Extinguished" - A human male in service to the Morninglord and his soldiers of light.  He has trained his body and spirit in a manner similar to the ancient arts of the Order and fights without a weapon.  This man has sought Death, and it is Death that he has found.  He has embarked upon a journey, pursuing many who call this place home.  He has walked these halls even, in search of those who he would call prey.  His journey led him to the camp shrouded in mists, where he sought to draw the blood of those who dwell within these halls while they traveled to lands far away.  He failed in his endeavor and was defeated.  His body now rests, yet his spirit roams the land longing for new life to carry on its task.  Let it be known - those who join him in his misguided pursuit to hunt the Order and its allies will also join him in his fate.  Spare yourselves the death that you seek to visit upon others.  Stay your weapons and know peace.

Teram "The Stone" Monroe - A male human warrior bearing simple grey and black attire, who wears a dark steel helm bearing the visage of a bird.  His hair is long and he ties a black bandanna across his head.  He is a simple man, gifted with strength of body only.  He is direct of word and action, and has come to the halls of the Drain openly speaking of his intent to hunt among those who find rest there.  He travels in the company of the one known as Korin, and she provides arcane warding so that he may find victory in battle.  He is slow of action and mind, and does as Korin directs him until told otherwise.  He often stands vigil within the back halls of the Drain, or just outside these halls, waiting for his foes to pass by so that he may set upon them without warning.  He is known to use a crowbar to force open the doors within the back halls, searching them for those who he might seek to slay.

Korin "The Black Jackal" - A female easily recognized by her strange jackal's visage helm coupled with her open-chested clothing.  She often carries a glowing staff in her hands.  She is very powerful in the arcane arts, and has brought them to bear upon the Drain and those within.  She travels with the warrior Teram, walking these halls surrounded by bright shields of the arcane that turn away blades directed at her.  She has openly stated that she is here in search of blood, and has taken to lurking within the back halls or standing vigil just outside the entrance in search of her prey.  She walks with an air of rage, challenging any who would question her purpose in this place.  She is an ally of the one known as Volkov, and seeks vengeance for his death.  She directs her simpleton sword-arm Teram to slay those who draw her ire or stand against her.  She has an array of allies- nomad adventurers who call only the Mist Camp home, and has tried to recruit them to her violent cause.

Legion XXI:
[The names of Constantine, Lianna, and Maeth have found themselves added to the display...]

Legion XXI:
[The name of Edwin has been added to the list...]

Legion XXI:
[The name of Volkov has been added to the list...]

Legion XXI:
[The names of Teram Monroe and Korin have been added...]


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