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Valachan resources?:
« on: September 29, 2018, 04:32:32 PM »
I know it's a minor, lesser played and lesser known domain in the realm of dread but I was looking at Valachan again (because I'm playing a cleric from there) and stylistically & aesthetically from Gazetteer No. 4 and from what I can scrape from the forums out of things like the Valachani incursion into Sithicus from the old IC timeline... it seems largely a combo of Haida Indians, Amazon and mesoamericans, sort of a precolumbian mishmash.

So does that mean for holidays Valachani would do something like hold a potlach?
I wanna use some of that colorful fantasy native/aborigine culture to spice up my role plays on this guy and was thinking maybe the lesser known/played from domain could use a bit of love.

What kind of symbols would Yutow clerics use, can we add some into the module if there aren't any or would I be able to adapt ones we already have using palette recolors?

These guys would probably carve totem poles if you stop to think about it and would use musical instruments like wooden pan flutes, rain sticks, that kind of thing.

River travel is said to be kind of important for commerce between the Valachani, Sithicans and Mordentish folk for stuff like fur trapping, food trade and logging as their economy goes...
So it's not a big stretch of the imagination to figure that canoes are definitely a fact of life for the Valachani or at least factor into things for the ones who live near the big rivers and do commerce along them.

That weird combination though of Pacific Northwest with Amazon means you have large jungle cats and also giant sequoia style redwood trees which means expect weirdly mismatched ecology among the mundane plants and animals before we even get into the magical ones and monsters.

Is anybody else willing to throw in here? There's not a whole lot else to go off of so all we can really do is speculate on it.

What have we got to work with?
As far as source material goes there isn't a lot but what we do have to be able to get to draw from for role playing characters from and the culture of this domain is as follows: A chapter in Doomsday Gazetteer volume IV, references from one skirmish event from the server's past, two in-game items (Redwood longbow and Cat's Eye amulet), and a few older forum posts.
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