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Hazelnut Café, Black Tea, Cup of Coffee and You


So... Recently there was a bug report that reported that the item Hazlenut Café had the ability to be consumed like a food item, at the cost of 27 GP as a standard misc. item in your inventory. Apparently that was unintentional in it's application, and that bug report was reported as - solved. However, in the process Black Tea was also stripped of it's unique properties that allowed the item to be consumed. I can accept that the idea of carrying around Hazelnut Café in your inventory while adventuring, and using it to consume/eat and be able to heal while resting is not precisely immersive and the intended effect of the item. I can dig that, that makes sense in the most strict role playing scenario. However, it allowed these items to, while not being particularly aesthetic or useful, have a way to be conveniently disposed of after role play in which you are imbibing Café with your chaps in the City of Lights.

As it stands, it is useful only insofar as being picked up and placed in your inventory as expensive dead weight, then dragging and dropping it artfully onto a table, like so.

See example:

It has some flavor text, to let you know just what you're sipping. It's essentially Starbucks in Dementlieu, let's not kid ourselves here. We're having our double-mocha latés in late 1650, which is- I don't know how really accurate that is, but it's a thing, it's there.

See example:

Here is the same thing, but with Black Tea. You can notice that the icon in your inventory for Hazelnut Café was what appears to be a little bowl with froth/cremé on the top, and the icon for Black Tea is that same bowl, but without the froth/cremé. Still looks like a sack of bricks w/ flavortext in the game world, where other people will see and be able to validate that you did indeed buy this overpriced miscellanious item.

See examples:

One might reason to themselves that there is no better option, and this is just a limitation of NWN, and a little more imagination is necessary. That nothing better can be used to represent these coveted fineries in Port-a-Lucine. However, I tell you, outstanding, however sadly inexperienced individual, in my time of mindless social RP imbibing various fluids offered to me by other players, I, BraveSirRobin, have found the solution. I present to you...

The Cup of Coffee.

This item is both a wieldable as a prop item with no damage, it represents a cup in your inventory, and on a table, it looks like a cup instead of a bag of bricks. Ideally, it would be optimal if you could also consume the cup to make it disappear or be disposed of, so at the end of your RP session of drinking you can throw it away, like one might a bottle of booze or a bottle of water. I would perhaps, suggest it for the water script, as it is indeed not a FOOD item, but it is an item of HYDRATION. Otherwise, ultimately the only way to dispose of these items are to leave them strewn about as bags of bricks and trash, or go find a trash can somewhere in the world - which are not placed naturally where trash cans would be in practice. There's some at the city gates, and the Ouvrier on corners. Not in the Savant, or in Publique anywhere near where these items are consumed.

Cup of Coffee:

In spirit of this, I would like to propose that Black Tea and Hazlenut Café items be remade/modified to be mugs, just like the Cup of Coffee items. Furthermore, while not as important as looking like the Cup of Coffee items, I would like to propose that Black Tea, Hazelnut Café, Cup of Coffee and all other non-alcoholic beverage props that should not function as food-type consumables, be given the unique-item script from Bottle of Water items, which just hydrates your character instead of feeding them, and in the process allows you to cleanly dispose of the item after RP without cluttering up the server or forcing you to go across two districts to find a trash bin.

Thank you, if you kept up this far.


Not a bad idea but time consuming. I'll look into it when I have more time.


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