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Silas Rotleaf:
This is far from Ungrad.
I am 35 winters old, though I do not look it.
That is a benefit of my people. Especially the yellow eyed ones.
We Valachani are a bit like the Barovians but darker skinned and more spiritual.

I am an acolyte moarnekone. I have not yet earned my scars as our hunters and trappers do but I make up for it in voluntary facial piercings.

Today the Lord of Beasts granted me the ability to conjure an enormous snake. I was hoping for a panther but this will do nicely in the meantime. A kind metalsmith named Jack fashioned me with chainmaille and an excellent shield, also.

We Valachani are not known for being men of letters. The priestly caste is literate but book learning is looked down upon.

Silas Rotleaf:
I still am not sure what name to give my moon snake. Hmm!

Orm! That works. I will call this moon viper Orm.

Silas Rotleaf:
Well, I was on a vision quest when the mists took me from Valachan to Barovia.
Hopefully there will be some signs or omens, some sort of portents soon!

When I turn monstrous beetles and giant spiders, sometimes they explode.

Silas Rotleaf:
I derive some measure of joy and satisfaction in using the power of my prayer to turn undead and heal my allies while at the same time harming our foes.
It would seem that properly destroying the undead does bring them some measure of peace. A final rest as it were.

The Dustman outlander I sometimes talk to agrees that the final or "true" death is important for souls to achieve to be able to move on.
Perhaps the inability of such things to move on when they cannot is what results in monsters happening.

It is a sign of the world being too clogged up with tormented agonized souls?
Maybe it is somewhat as that Cthulhu cultist hints at when I speak to him.

I don't think the whole world itself necessarily is in increasingly dire need of cleansing but I do think the cursed parts need being purified where possible.

As a lone fighter of undead things which would choose to prey on the living I am as an infinitesimal dew drop or single leaf in the jungle. One might also note that some trees repel the infestation of ants and beetles with poison in their sap.

Silas Rotleaf:
Lonely and tired, also lacking in purpose.
Hmm, I am a priest.
I wonder... Well, I didn't swear celibacy.
I wonder if anybody could like me.

There are some people whom I fight well with.
That bardess Olivia for example and Desh. Moonbrooke too.

I fixed my corroded weapon on my own. Desh said he'd help me but something must have came up. I waited all day until nightfall for him in the Vallaki crafting hall but no Desh.
So I went to Krofburg the next day and got a smithing apron and got to work on fixing things myself.

Looking sharp there Cristan! Your pure black tabard with the metallic blue and gray bits depicting a feline face is very snappy. The gray fur cape goes nicely with it.
You have moons and a star as the emblem on your shield now too. It is appropriate.
My new boots are steel plated and of dire bear fur.

The Garda have been making many arrests lately but I guess they are really just detainments? I thought those taken in would be dead for sure.
Leomont and Vine.
Glad they were alright but it is still concerning.

Empty like a mote of grain pollen or a speck of dust.
I drift... Without much interacting.
It feels... Disgusting to an extent.
What is there to interact with people in this valley about though?

They often talk amongst themselves of a "mist camp"; I don't feel ready to go there yet though.
When I was finished with repairing my damaged weapon I left the smithing apron, smithing hammer and a light mining pick in a magic pouch at the side of the Vallaki Morninglord temple in the outskirts where people sometimes leave food and clothes. Then I aided in crypt delving with some people.
When I got back the bag was no longer there. I can feel good I gave someone the tools for a trade. Perhaps some former vagrant is using it to make a purpose for himself.

Would that I could too. Maybe it will come in time.


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