Author Topic: The Oaf of Vallaki  (Read 888 times)

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The Oaf of Vallaki
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Rumor spread of the outlander Jack. Though barovian in appearance many of the locals and Garda hear news of his fervant watch of the well and supporting the people. However some spread rumor once more of Ole Jack the Ripper the man that killed halflings and strung them up as puppets. Some in the outskirts catch wind of a dispute between Jack and a pitic which he scowled before he was struck and seemingly went out of rage chucking the remains into the cultist temple. Many chastized the oaf whom merly toss some one the coin to raise the fool and to keep them from him. The once friendly merchant seem to grimace more and keep distant of outlanders warning those who disobey the garda disobey the count and any slight to vallaki is an offense to him only to be met with pain and death by the law.
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