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Author Topic: Player crafted traps can't be retrieved by their owners  (Read 334 times)


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Player crafted traps can't be retrieved by their owners
« on: June 28, 2018, 03:32:54 PM »
At least not by rangers.

The issue is that player crafted traps have no standard retrieval option, so per command, they have to be disarmed. Disarming them appears to always count as retrieval because the trap will get added to the inventory of the disarming person - which is a nice boon - however, the owner of the trap will not get an automatic success as they would get with the retrieval of a store-bought trap.

This leads to rangers running into a problem, because disarm trap isn't a class skill for them. Usually, one point in it was enough to retrieve your own traps because it will not only be taken 20, but effectively auto-successed. With the player crafted traps, however, they will need to meet the standard DC, which they likely can't.

I understand why rangers don't get disarm trap as a class skill. Logically, I think they should - as set trap and disarm trap must be deeply tied to each other as far as real-life skills go - but it makes for better game balancing if rogues are allowed to keep it as their thing.
However. It is disheartening that I now need to find a rogue to re-collect my own traps. I would like to see the standard retrieval option enabled for them, or get an auto-success on disarming them as their owner - whatever is more easily done.
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