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Oafish Jack
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It is uncertain when or how Jack vanished but he knew after speaking with the small vampire it's childlike laughter was all he remembered that night. Stepping out from the mist confused and ragged he barely remembered other than wandering the mist. He had finished making an order of smelted steel weapons and was leaving the Village of Barovia before Worgs attacked him. The fight was brutal but a part of Jack relished the blood and evisceration. Gently he touched his lips finding a smile and Jack laughed he once again perhaps cheated death the oaf belief was true that he was the strongest. Yet, a cold chill came upon his spine as he looked fearfully in the mist the image of the Mist Man the lone voice in his head spoke.

"Don't forget our deal Jack. You'll only get stronger if you don't get weak. You know what you need to do Jack. Don't let me down."

The would be Barovian Oaf rubbed his hands together starring at the ground then glanced about the mountain side knowing the path from the bridge to the Counts Land. Checking some of his things were worn from use and he was better in muscle tone than before scars he couldn't remember adorn his body. Drawing the Bear Mantle over his head one would think a bear held clothes and walked upright. Jack was not ready to see people but Jack did desire to find his girlfriend and his friend Echo. It was all that kept in his befuddled mind that they were important so he took the old silver-steel axe and heaved it over his shoulder wandering Barovia for those two.

*Rumors speak of an upright bear roaming the land with an ax some call it a monster some call it a avatar of the woods. It has only attacked when provoked or attack and merely grunts and growls few are certain if it is man or beast perhaps both.
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