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Re: Vallaki - Slums
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Murmurs and whispers abound in the streets of Vallaki.

Sights of the red-hood, the boy with death in his eyes, creeping along like a shambling dead on the streets. The scythe-haft, always at the shoulder - causing notice among the poorly, and the beggar, who all fear the reaper.

They say, whisper gibbering mouths to prying ears, he tried for the Garda, and they marked him a witch.

They say, the rumourmill swells, he's the son of a hag and devil's union, that his look might lay a curse.

They say, with malice in their leers, that he breaks bread with the outlanders - that it is their vraja his scythe holds, that terrible keen blade he hones each night.

The red-cap, they all say, is a witch - and a terrible curse upon any in his path.
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Re: Vallaki - Slums
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More tales reach the ears of the common folk.

A massacre is unfolded, in the dead of night. Not of men - but of vermin.

The morning rises, and the streets are painted red; vermin split like fallen pumpkins, were-rats found with their guts spilled and limbs lopped away with some wicked blade.

It is, they say in hushed tones, the red-cap's doing.

It's for his cloak, they claim, to keep it crimson forever - soaked in blood.

Fear rises, that the rats not be enough to slake the thirst of the scythe's terrible blade.

Fear, that the red-cap was no witch - that he was no man at all.

For over twenty, did they count the corpses... And much past that, the vermin.

... Or so they say.
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Re: Vallaki - Slums
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A cowled woman, adoring a sun-colored armored dress, was seen frantically running through Vallaki from the Eastern gates. Worry and distress gripped her, as she was near breathless in her urgency. It wouldn't be far to assume that sheer will propelled her into the Eternal Dawn Sanctuary. Some time had passed before she emerged, pastel emerald eyes were dimmed but they held steady resolve.

While steps led her towards the Outskirts, she is once again seen walking back to the East with a man dressed in silver, blue and white - the symbol of a right-hand gauntlet on his cloak.
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Re: Vallaki - Slums
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A tiny woman wearing the white robes of an Ezran anchorite was seen for a few hours near the hospice, attempting to dole out portions of stew to those in need.
Finding either her voice unable to carry far enough, or none interested in her fare, she took up the pot and waddled from door to door offering a meal to any who would accept.


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Re: Vallaki - Slums
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