Author Topic: The Top Five Things You Need to Know about NWN:EE, R:PotM, and Y.O.U.!  (Read 4230 times)


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The Top Five Things You Need to Know about NWN:EE, R:PotM, and Y.O.U.!

With any change comes uncertainty, and naturally the upcoming release of Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition by Beamdog represents a massive change for the entire NWN community. However, rest assured the Development Team has been aware of and considering carefully NWN EE since the original announcement, and we will do our absolute utmost to minimize whatever worries, discontent or frustrations it may cause. A major part of that is doing our best to alleviate any misconceptions or uncertainties among our own community. To make sure we're all on the same page, we have compiled this list of the top five points to know about Ravenloft PotM and NWN EE.

1. PotM is going to migrate to EE. The Development Team has carefully weighed the pros and cons and decided that it is simply too great an opportunity to miss. However, it will not be immediate. We have considerably more custom content than most other servers, accumulated over more than a decade of continuous operation. As a result, it will take the development team time to test and update our systems and haks to ensure that the transition is smooth and well-ordered. We do not have a firm date for this transition at present, but rest assured that this will be the development team's main priority in the coming time.

2. There will not be a vault wipe. Beamdog has gone to some lengths to ensure that Persistent Worlds have access to utilities, tools, and even features in the game itself designed to make the transition between the old client and the new client as seamless as possible. Unless something truly unforeseen happens, you can look forward to continuing the stories of your present PCs after the transition occurs.

3. Most of our custom content should work out of the box on EE. That means that you for the most part won't have to worry about your favorite pieces of armor or your favorite system suddenly ceasing to work on EE. The biggest issue with EE right now is the limited support for NWNX, the utility that lets our module talk to our external utilities and database. If this is corrected in a timely fashion, or if EE implements certain features of NWNX natively, it should not be a major obstacle to our transition. We cannot promise that some things will not need to be removed or corrected, but the developers both on EE and NWNX have gone to great effort to ensure backwards compatibility.

4. We are in active communication with both Beamdog and the developers of NWNX. As some of you may know, our project lead, Soren/Zarathustra217, has contributed to the EE project (look for his custom shaders in the final release!). Beamdog has expressed interest in our community and our perspectives. They have shown all signs of being eager and willing to incorporate community priorities and suggestions into the final project, which is an ongoing work that will continue to develop long after this initial release.

5. No, you cannot all have that fancy Aribeth head. This is a flippant way of saying that we don't plan to do any extensive reworking of the custom content we already have, since adding to it already occupies a great deal of development time. Instead, look forward to a revitalized NWN community making large amounts of new custom content for us to implement. Should people rework individual pieces of custom content, we will of course look into replacing the content we have (as we have done in the past). But our team is not large enough nor, frankly, are our priorities such as to make a wholesale revision of our existing content likely or even possible.

If you still have any concerns or comments related to the transition, please feel free to post it in the official discussion topic for this important transition here, or, if it's something that might require extensive debate, start a new topic for just that, prefixing it with "EE:".

Yours truly,

The Ravenloft: Prisoners of the Mist Development Team
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