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Native rangers
« on: March 07, 2018, 09:01:02 PM »
Someone told me that native barovian and gundarakite Rangers can't cast ranger spells, or shouldn't be allowed to from a lore perspective. Can anyone officially comment on the thing?

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Re: Native rangers
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2018, 09:09:44 PM »
This is quite old, but I assume it's still true (?):

    Gundarakite and Barovians barely tolerate healing magic.  They do not differentiate the different schools of magic.  Their daily lives are devoid of such acts.  Therefore, they react to the visible effect of a spell or prayer.  A cleric summoning an undead warrior and a mage doing the same will be treated equally in their eyes.  This goes for any other visible spell, such as barkskin, stoneskin, flameweapon, and the like.  Because of this fear of witchcraft, any item or weapon that appears “tainted” by witchcraft, such as glowing blades, will be viewed as dangerous.  The average Barovian and Gundarakite will never use any item that has these “frightening” properties.  If an item is magical, but does not make its magical property obvious, such as a simple plus one dagger, then that item is fine, since as far as the native knows, it is just a nicely crafted blade.  Items that illuminate light though, such as robes, may be looked upon suspiciously; common folk use natural light sources. 
    The temptation to use magical items or spell abilities that the engine provides your character class is a role playing challenge. For example, a Gundarakite ranger will at some point have the engine ability to cast some arcane spells.  However, due to the Gundarakite’s ideology, they would be oblivious to this.  They would never even dream of learning how to cast spells.  They may however, through prayer, if they like many Gundarakite follow the Morninglord, learn to cast healing spells. 
    Both PvM and PvP are extra difficult for native Barovians and Gundarakite.  Not only will they not adventure to some PvM areas, due to their deep rooted fear of the arcane and monsters, they will not have magic to assist them in their battles.

But Aren’t Our Native Barovians and Gundarakite Supposed to be Exceptional?

    As stated above, each player has the freedom to role play their native as they wish.  However, the setting is important, and the local ethnic groups will react appropriately to any Gundarakite or Barovian who acts exceptional.  If one talks like an outlander, if one acts like an outlander, then they must be an outlander.  From an –ic- perspective, the locals will view any fellow native who is known to keep company with outlanders, hang out in the western outskirts, or uses obvious magic items or spells, as a native who has been “corrupted” and “tainted” by the “foolish” and “untrustworthy” outlanders.  These natives will likely have their faction switched to the outlander faction, so that natives who adhere to cultural norms react appropriately. 

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Re: Native rangers
« Reply #2 on: March 08, 2018, 01:29:02 AM »
Yes and no. Barovian and Gundarakite rangers can learn how to cast magic, just like any other native caster. Otherwise we’d forbid Barovian wizards. It comes with all the same caveats about defining yourself in relation to the setting and playing an authentic character, however.
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