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HAK UPDATE: Version 2.11 released
« on: March 05, 2018, 06:09:36 AM »
Our 2.11 hak update is now finally released and loaded on the server. You can download it here (7-zip) or here (regular zip) - or use our launcher and downloader to easily download and install the new hak for you (link)

The new hak mainly features a large amount of new feats as well as a handful new prestige classes and adjustments and additions to the core classes - along with an update to our parry system. You can find details about all the new options and opportunities in the topics linked below.

However, to take advantage of some of the new features as well as properly implementing a few of the fixes and adjustments, it is necessary that you relevel your existing characters.

To initiate this process, type out the '@relevel' command when in game.

You are welcome to use this opportunity to make adjustments to your character as long as it's reasonable and makes sense in regards to how you've roleplayed your character so far. But if you prefer restoring the character to the exact same setup, you will also have all your current stats printed out for you in your message log to help this process.

Once you are done relevelling your character, we hope you will enjoy exploring all the new content with us. If you have any questions, comments or remarks, post them in the relevant place here on these forums and we will get around it as soon as possible.

Your humble servants,

The Development Team


Topics with information on the new content:

New Feats

New Spells

Class changes

You can read about the new PRCs here (the new are Crypt Raider, Grimetrekker, Monster Hunter and People's Champion)

You can read about the updated Parry AC system here.
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