Author Topic: Apshay Khet - scholastic library & apothecary  (Read 486 times)


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Apshay Khet - scholastic library & apothecary
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[A papyrus, written and drawn in bright colors, can be frequently seen hanged in the noticeboard in Vallaki Outskirts, as well as in a tree in the Mist Camp. It is written in Common tongue, for all to understand it.
The harsh weather, as well as the dust and pebbles that fall over its surface quickly spoils the paper, so they are renewed often -at the very least, in Barovia.]

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Rent and read your title of preference while enjoying a drink or buy it to read at your pace. Available works on topics such as the Akiri culture, language guide, religion, myths and legends, poetry and other academic essays.

Also providing apothecary services for healers and adventurers.

Seek out Nephthys for your orders.