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Author Topic: *A paper pinned near Vallaki and Mist Camp* Seeking the secret of the weapon  (Read 494 times)


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Seeking the secret of the weapon

My people were called Lerara. We lived underground for decades, eating mushrooms, riding caterpillars and surviving in a prison that we so called home. In my old life, I learned how to transfer energy, seeking perfect balance and ignoring pain to uses my fists and my mind. Now that I am a mistwalker, I want more.

I seek someone who will be able to help me concentrate that energy on my weapon, making it more effective in combat. I seek also a perfect balance between my body and my weapon, allowing me to become my weapon.
If someone found a way to do that, please respond to my call and become my master.

*A short name is written on the bottom of the notice*

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