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HAK Update 2.10 Release
« on: October 20, 2017, 10:44:47 AM »
Being the culmination of almost half a year of work, we are both proud and pleased to finally be able to provide you with this large bundle of new content. Included is a plethora of new feats, attires, armours, weapons, animations, sounds, creatures, props and much more - for use to enhance both the roleplay world and the roleplay itself. The package also features a large amount of fixes to some long standing issues.

You can view a summarized changelog here: link

To be able to enjoy all this new content, you will need to download this new hak files. There are two ways for you to do this:


1: The easiest way is by simply using our custom downloader and game launcher. Simply run the launcher and hit the update button, let it download new files and then you should be good to go.


2: If you'd rather install manually You can download the new hak version from here: download link (extract to your NWN install directory using 7zip or similar)

You also need to grab the CEP version 2.62 downloadable from here: download link (extract to the NWN install directory in the same way)


After you've completed either procedure 1 or 2 you should be able to log on to the server. However to allow you to take advantage of some of the new features as well as properly implementing a few of the fixes, it is necessary that you relevel your existing characters before playing them.

To initiate this process, log on to the character then type out the '@relevel' command, followed by '@relevel confirm'.

You are welcome to use this opportunity to make adjustments to your character as long as it's reasonable and makes sense in regards to how you've roleplayed your character so far, but once you initiate the process, you will also have all your current stats printed for you in your message log to help you if you want to restore the character to the exact same setup.

Once you are done relevelling, we hope you will enjoy exploring all the new content with us. Some things (like clothing) are already available to you from the moment you first log on while other things have to be discovered in game. And much more will be phased in gradually over the coming months.

With the hopes of it all contributing to many more hours of fantastic and frightening roleplay to come,

The Development Team