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[Public announcements from the Vallaki Guard.]
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[Notices that finally aren't in the form of writs for execution and bounties come out. In fact, these seem to be statements for the... benefit of the public?]

Contracts between parties can be made legally binding in Vallaki so long as they violate none of Barovia's laws and are notarized in some way by any member of the Vallaki garrison who witness the parties make their agreement. Broken contracts can be contested by the aggrieved party and shall be punished under laws of theft.

In the light of heightened tensions, it's best to be reminded of five things.

- 'Citizens' do not exist. That outlander talk needs to cease because it does not grant you immunity. You are all subjects.

- Only the Count, Burgomaster, or the Vallaki guard is worthy of casting judgement on your peers.

- You obey any orders given by the previously mentioned group. Failure to comply is illegal in itself.

- Speaking sedition and violence against Barovia or Vallaki is an offense no matter where you are. Plotting and scheming off in no-mans-land does not make you any more welcome in these lands.

- The lawgiver faith is not illegal, only frowned upon by the Ezrite faith. Violence against priests of the Lawgiver or their followers will still be found guilty of the same offense one would get assaulting or murdering anyone else.
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Re: [Public announcements from the Vallaki Guard.]
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[Scattered about Vallaki is another notice from the Vallaki Guard.]


Those of Gundarkite origin who are freemen may carry weapons larger than a dagger in Vallaki should they be proven to be law-abiding and not a threat to the Barovian way of life. You will need to convince one Lance-Corporal or higher to vouch for your trustworthiness, as well a need to adhere to any additional requirements added by that officer. Those who abuse this privilege will find it revoked, those who use this privilege to take up arms against Vallaki or Barovia will be put to death.

Minor offenses count against you but can be overlooked if exceptional in some other way.

Anyone else of Gundarkite origin must adhere to the law. The only acceptable arms for a Gundarkite is a dagger and a select number of tools such as shortbows for hunting game, staves for walking and tools of trade such as scythes, sickles, woodaxes, hammers, and grain flails.

Gundarkite merchants dealing in arms need to be registered first or find their goods confiscated as you must hold the weapons on your person to even peddle them. Paper claims of said weapons still count if notarized within this county.

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