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[Posters are adhered to the facades of various dilapidated structures around the Quartier Ouvrier when the morning’s sun greets the cobblestones in the filth and debris covered streets.  The notices are clearly penned by a rare, educated hand in the alleyway-riddled section of the City of Lights.  Elegant, looping Mordentish scripting of black ink stands in contrast to the yellowed parchments eliciting the attention of all passersby]

The True People of the Republique.

The bluebloods continue the conquest of the sedentary life.  Whist they feast upon the game that continuously engorges their corporeal bodies, growing fat and complacent, we will snatch from their clutches that which they cannot grasp without relinquishing their posh, lavishly padded seats.  They glutton themselves with vittles rife with torpor, endlessly and voraciously imbibing upon the fat of the backs of the working man.  We will tolerate it no longer!

If they wish to lull themselves into the reverie of garish interiors, decadence nonpareil, that is not to be our concern.  For the wolves hunt when the flock is weary and game is ripe for consumption.  We will capitalize upon the complacency and inaction of the gentry, forcing our will upon them whilst they stand idle.  Let them be content watching as their precious holdings are plucked from their sanctity; we, the true lifeblood of Dementlieu, will dine upon their languor, glutton ourselves with ambition, and secure a place for ourselves within the very core of their infrastructure. If those that we seek to align with are unwilling or unable to clutch at greatness, we will secure it for ourselves and our families. 

The time draws nigh – the collective representation already busies itself with shaking hands, presenting the thin veneer of civility whilst the poor toil endlessly to prop them up. When will they descend from their perches to acknowledge the working individual as human, worthy of recognition?  Only once every election-cycle, my fellow man. Will you kowtow and bend knee in genuflection to these men with feigned, crooked smiles? Surely not! The collective man of Port-à-Lucine is far too proud, standing at the crux of the cultural epicenter of the core.  We, as a people, say that the current representatives are unfit for their rule, arses pressed flat from the lavish lifestyle and complacency that only the semblance of rigors that government endorses.

It is time to flush clean and sanitize the pox that plagues this Republique.  Secure the lands for the people that are worthy of enacting policy and practice; those that are cognizant of the toils of the downtrodden and bear the scars of hard-labor. Lay to rest and give solace the weary, those unaware if they can rise the next day to barely provide the meager subsistence to their families  and quell the incessant pangs of hunger.

This is not the Republique that I’ve broken my back for, brothers.  This is not the Republique that my sisters have toiled over endlessly with swath and needle, kettle and cauldron.  This is not the Republique that we’ve donated our life-blood for sacrifice.

The time has come, that we should rise up and seek retribution, restitution, and proper representation.  Those that will acknowledge our pleas, respect the fruits of our labor, and cater to us, the -TRUE- Republique. 

May every voice with the strength left to call out, cascade from the rooftops with unwavering conviction until we reach a crescendo:

Though our backs may break under the burden –
Our heads remain unbowed

Though we are bloodied - -
Our desires are not muddied

Through snare or pit, crack of whip –
Our resolve is unshakable and shall not slip

Steadfast in the resolve for a future destined for our kind –
Emboldened by our kindred and fueled by our insatiable desire that shant decline

Unequivocally, passion fuels the righteousness of conviction –
This day, lies our benediction

The cries of the downtrodden, toils of labor that pave these avenues, lift this city –
Will no longer be looked down upon with pity

Our voices will reach a crescendo as they are echoed from every corner -
We will not tolerate this oppression and squalor any longer!

-May Liberty Never Acquiesce-

-Viva la population de la Republique-
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