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The Candid Chronicles
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[The writings within the diary of Annabelle Cade can be found here. Etchings, spellwork, and written entries litter this well used diary.]

What a tragedy humanity is.

People have always fascinated me. It is not the people themselves that do, but how it is they work. Why is it that humans do what they do? What drives us? How can something be so fragile, yet have the potential for immense power?

How is it that we can say it is okay for a child’s corpse to be raised and used because of the culture one grows in? What gives us the rationality that murder, torture, and war is alright? Why is the taboo so often publicly judged, yet quietly practiced by most behind a closed door?

I believe that answering questions like these are the foundation for understanding why our world is the way it is. So many in these lands search for years for answers. Why can we not leave? What are the mists? What is the purpose for living here? What happens after we escape? Can we escape? Is there a god who governs why we are here? Is this punishment, retribution? Justice?
Are we being tortured? Are we the subjects of an ongoing experiment put on by some sadistic higher power?

We are so focused on answering the questions around us, on the outside, that we do not focus on what is actually important. Instead of thinking cosmically, we should be thinking internally.

Human emotion and thought are things that have driven change for eons, since we first began. What is felt on the inside was the invisible force that caused the world around us to ripple with effect. We make those changes with decisions and choices. And how the world is perceived around us is largely based on what we feel or our emotional and mental state. That is because we interact with the world through our senses and through or feelings.
Wars were not fought because of religion. They were not fought because people were told to. No, wars happened because emotions like anger, greed, envy, pride, jealousy, and disgust exist. Because they are driving points so deep that it causes physical action to manifest. Our fundamental cores are literally built on our emotions.

And the scariest part?

Our emotions and mental health are easily manipulated. And this happens everyday. Whether it be by influences such as culture, society, peer pressure, charismatic leaders or by our own internal turmoil and reactions to others.

Take lying, for instance. We all know that lies are false or misrepresented information typically told with a thread of truth to others as either a defense mechanism or to manipulate a situation to your liking. Here is a curious fact about lying.

When you tell a lie out loud, it becomes real to your mind. Even though you know it is factually false, if you tell it enough times it will start to feel as if it is truth and actually happened. Yes, just hearing yourself say the lie caused your mind to become confused from the different clashing truths. And in order to correct this error, it subtly started to make you believe your own lie. This is how delusions are created, among other things.

Instead of asking ‘why is this happening to me?’ like a victim, we should be asking ourselves more questions about humanity and other races. Has anyone ever stopped to ask /why/. Why we do the things we do?

I believe the reasons why, are why this world exists. It is not lost on me, that the world as we know it is dark. There is death, loss, and disappointment behind every corner. Even I have my own demons and skeletons. People I have lost.. because it isn’t for lack of trying that others have tried to leave. It is more the more one struggles- and the more one sacrifices to succeed- the less they lose their humanity… the more trapped they become.

We are so quick to blame our cage on the outside forces. We are so willing to blame an outside force or god on why we were born here or why we were brought here… we never stop to think that maybe our perceptions are the way they are because of our need to explain or make excuses for our mistakes and morals. These outlanders, they all have these things in common…

“I was taken here! This was out of my control!”

“Why is this happening to me? Why have I been punished?”

“I am not to blame! I did not know that was against the law! You can’t punish me for not knowing!”

“Please, I don’t want to be eaten. This isn’t my fault!”

They are always blaming others. None take responsibility. It is somehow always an accident that they are here. But the more I listen to their stories, the more I understand.

Let’s take Jandar, for instance. He is a man of duty and honor. A disciplined man who worships the spirits of the land, the Loa. In a way? He is like many of my people. The more we talked, I realized I could not quite figure out his darkness. His... reality as an intelligent humanoid creature. The darkness that attracted the mists to begin with. But, it was the absence in itself that I realized was his truth.

His darkness? His truth?

He has never lived. Not truly. He has never loved fully. He has never questioned. He followed along and did not question his own people’s corrupt social hierarchy simply because he was taught that it was right… even when in his heart, he knew it was wrong. And because of this, his mother was murdered whilst he was away. He never had children. He never had a wife. His truth was that he could not be moved or move himself enough to grow from his pain. He is a puppet to be instructed by others, even his job- swearing fealty to those hathran is subservience. He is a willing slave.

This is his truth. His darkness. And he does not care or question what is asked of him.

When I shared with him my darkness, he did not bat an eye. He did not turn away from my vulnerable needs. He helped me feed my darkness. This is why he is here.

I feel sympathy for him. I will do my best to fix him.
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