Author Topic: Creatures missing body parts, ligth has strange colours, red blocks, etc.  (Read 565 times)


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Hi, so, I came back to play after I reinstalled the game on a much more better computer than my old laptop, however, besides the annoying red blocks, some creatures are missing body parts, like the mummies in Har'Akir, or when I take a toch, the light becomes of a pinkiesh colour, this is very annoying, and breaks immersion, specially in dungeons or at night. Does anybody has the same problem or knows what causes this. I have installed everything in order, in the exact foldrs, so i do not believe that is the reason for these aesthetic problems.

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Welcome back Zera!  Here is a link to a recent thread topic that is similar to your current issue.  Hopefully a fix that is detailed in one of the responses can fix your issue.

Best of luck!