Author Topic: I can't manage to connect, it says my nwn version and the server one don't match  (Read 352 times)


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Hi, I'm trying to connect for the first time to the server but it doesn't work. I tried several times, and the last one I uninstalled and re-installed the game from the start.

I have the NWN diamond version, on GOG.

I installed it. It was already patched with the 1.69 update.

I downloaded the 2.60 and "2.60 to 2.61" CEP files.

I extracted the 2.60 archive in the game folder so that the files went in the correct folders (hak, etc...)

I opened the 2.61 archive and put the files in the correct folders (hak, erf), overwriting when requested.

I also downloaded the music and put the files in the correct folder (I didn't put the "RavenloftMusic" folder in the music folder, but directly the files. This is the only step in which I have doubts, but since it is optional I don't think it matters.

I also put the content of the skybox archive in the override folder.

I changed the serial keys from the common ones to the ones GOG assigned specifically to me.

Then I launched the game, and tried to connect to the multiplayer generic zone. In the beginning it said "try with another name" (I'm translating because I have the italian version). But it didn't kick me, and so I clicked on the direct connection, and I put the address. There was also a space called "player password", but i didn't fill it.

At that point it said that client and server version don't match.

I then downloaded your launcher, and it updated almost 1 gb of files... but even after that, the outcome is exactly the same.

It says: "Localizating server.
Server found. Connecting.
Connection to the server failed.
Connection error: Client and server versions don't match."

I can't understand what I'm doing wrong. Please is there someone who can help me?


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Ok I needed to install the critical rebuild patch, a guy from the Discord group told me. Now it works :)

I would suggest to write about the existence of the critical rebuild patch in the "how to get started" page too, since a new player like me wouldn't know that it even exists.

I'll create my character soon, byeee :D