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Hazlan - Sly-Var
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A brutal murder is uncovered in one of the noble estates. Rashemi enforcers clear the household and its lands swiftly, and a dozen thin-bodied men and women are strung up and burned along the Iron Road, their black skulls covered with hessian sacks. A familiar warning to all, of the penalties of disloyal servitude. Whisper places some sort of red-tentacled beast at the center of the massacre, and the hanging dead tell a hint of some servant's failure - failure by surviving unscathed, apparently.

The memory of the shrewd intellect of Martek Za'am is honoured by the Lawgiver church, and his serfs tremble with fear at the announcement of their new owner, the cruel man's son, Mentalos. Those human chattel cringe and huddle at night, for better the devil known, after all...