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Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
« on: July 06, 2012, 09:40:54 PM »
Despite being an aristocratic republic, the vestiges of feudalism can still be seen in Dementlieu's system of nobility. Although the relationship between a liege-lord and his vassal is more of a patron-client relationship today, the rise in power is nevertheless marked with rigor and it takes a crafty sort to hold onto their power once they have it. It is said that one can dress like the gentry and seem almost as though they belong - this is for the most part true; however, to truly be of noble status, one must go through all manner of dated bureaucracy and ritual. Some say these traditions date back to the rule of the mythical leader of the Dementlieuse people, Léon, while others say the system was borrowed from nearby Mordent.

One thing is certain: although Dementlieu is unlike Borca and Richemulot in a great many ways, a defamation of character or a dagger planted in the back can end one's political career fairly quickly.

The power structure is:

Elected and Nominated Rulers
 - Lord-Governor - the ruler of Dementlieu, elected by everyone who is a citizen of the Most Serene Republic for life.
 - The Council of Brilliance - those who see to the day-to-day governance of Dementlieu, nominally chosen by the Lord-Governor but in practice chosen based off of the consensus of the gentry.
Peerage members (Peers) - Those members of noble houses currently bearing a title. The holders of below titles (and their immediate descendants, by courtesy) are considered 'noble' or 'peers'. The titles long ago ceased to correspond to a true feudal or tenurial hierarchy (the estates of a nominal Baron could be far greater than those of a nominal Duc), but the ranks still take social precedence.
 - Duc - Title bestowed by the Council of Brilliance. "Duc" or "Duchesse" is used.
 - Marquis - Title bestowed by the Council of Brilliance. "Marquis" or "Marquise" is used.
 - Comte - Title bestowed by the Council of Brilliance. "Comte" or "Comtesse".
 - Vicomte - Title bestowed by the Council of Brilliance. "Vicomte" or "Vicomtesse".
 - Baron - Title bestowed by the Council of Brilliance. "Baron" or "Baronnesse" is used.
Non-noble titles- These are holders of titles granted by the Republique, and may very well be peers if they also hold one of the titles above, but are still technically commoners.
 - "Maître" or "Maîtresse" - A title bestowed for "great work" on behalf of the republic; it is traditionally but not necessarily accompanied with a grant of land.
 - Chevalier - A title granted for service to the Republique. Style is generally "______ de _________"; "Sir" or "Lady" is used before name, or in High Mordentish, "Sieur" or "Dame".
 - Écuyer - A title generally accorded to those of higher social significance (or a local "gentleman" without other title). Does not require a patent, etc., but one can be accused of impersonating a "person of quality." "Joe Goodman, Esquire." regardless of sex, "Esq". for short.
Gentryfolk - Ordinary members of the gentry; though they lack influence over policy, they reap the rewards of nobility regardless. (PC nobles start here, further rank can be achieved in-game)
The commons - Most of these folk live in squalor or at least lack the life of luxury that the even the ordinary gentryfolk have.

A warning to the foolhardy: the rise to power is not without casualty. Those who rise in status might find themselves stumbling onto secrets that ancient families would rather see buried or kept behind lock and key. Some might lose their mind, some might lose their life, and others might find themselves subject to a fate far worse than death. Consider yourself warned.

Noblesse oblige

Quote from: Wikipedia
"Noblesse oblige" is generally used to imply that with wealth, power and prestige come responsibilities. The phrase is sometimes used derisively, in the sense of condescending or hypocritical social responsibility. In American English especially, the term is sometimes applied more broadly to suggest a general obligation for the more fortunate to help the less fortunate.

In ethical discussion, it is sometimes used to summarize a moral economy wherein privilege must be balanced by duty towards those who lack such privilege or who cannot perform such duty. Finally, it has been used recently primarily to refer to public responsibilities of the rich, famous and powerful, notably to provide good examples of behaviour or to exceed minimal standards of decency. It has also been used to describe a person taking the blame for something in order to solve an issue or save someone else.

Lastly, for those who are confused about how to become a noble, how to lose that status, or how to address a noble, please refer to Arawn's excellent resource, provided here: Click.
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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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House Moreau
(Ruined House)
"Il n'est pire aveugle que celui qui ne veut pas voir."
"There are none so blind as those who do not want to see."

Lilianne Moreau arrived in Port-á-Lucine at the beginning of 767BC and quickly came in to the position of Manager of Les Théâtre de la Cathédrale and retainer to House Jalabert. A commoner at the time, she nonetheless proved capable of integrating herself into Dementlieuse society and ingratiating herself with a few members of the nobility - namely Baptiste Moliére-Jalabert and his wife, Linette. Rumoured to be the sole survivor of a disgraced Richemuloise noble family, she has shown a certain degree of cunning in her dealings with the Dementlieuse nobility and has garnered some popularity with the common folk of Port-á-Lucine through her charity, Champs D'Or, an organisation working both to provide food to the poor and to put an end to Dementlieu's economic reliance on Falkovnian grain shipments.

House Jalabert supported Lilianne's rise to nobility and The Council of Brilliance subsequently granted her a knighthood, having taken note of her work with Champs D'Or as she made great strides to halt the famine during the most recent Falkovnian conflict. Thus, for better or worse, Dame Lilianne de Moreau is one of the latest additions to Dementlieu's nobility, and observers await her inevitable fall to Port-á-Lucine's cutthroat politics. Considered a Richemuloise upstart by many of the gentry of Port-á-Lucine, she has earned the ire of many of Port-á-Lucine's most malicious rumour-mongers, who sometimes go so far as to declare Lilianne to be a former courtesan, claiming any favour she has gained to be bought by spreading her legs. She is also rumoured to have earned the severe displeasure of House Dumonde, though the reason for which is apparently known only to Dumonde and Moreau. To earn the ire of an eminent house so early in her political career does not bode well for the fledgling House Moreau.

After resigning from the position of Manager of Les Théâtre de la Cathédrale due to "crippling boredom" in her own words, Lilianne disappeared for a few months. Recently returned, she claims to have been exploring the Core. Soon after her return, Lilianne resumed an ongoing romance with one Doctor Wymmer Drukker, a Lamordian natural philosopher and savvy businessman. Dame Lilianne de Moreau has since accepted his proposal of marriage and there is no doubt that a combination of the Dame's noble name and the lands she has come to own around Edrigan alongside the Doctor's rumoured wealth will make perhaps one of the most powerful noble families in Port-á-Lucine. Despite the obvious practicality of the match, during public appearances together the two do seem to be genuinely in love with one another, leading the more romantic onlookers to suggest the match is one made out of love rather than practicality.

As of 769, House Moreau has fallen amidst rumours of embezzlement and treason after Lilianne de Moreau was committed to an asylum and later escaped. Her body was found on Widow's Walk, throat cut, a number of weeks after her escape, and exactly what occurred is a matter of much debate.

Newspaper clipping, L'Observateur, 12 May 769
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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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House Montte
Vassal House to House Guignol

"Pour l'honneur et la vertu."
"For honour and virtue."

House Montte is one of the many minor noble houses that exist in Dementlieu that seek to rise up in the political world that is Port-a-Lucine. It like many of the noble houses has its share of glories, as well as skeletons in the closet that it does not wish to be revealed. The Montte family tree has known quite a few individuals that held esteemed positions within either the gendarmerie, the republic guard or the military, traditionally having at least one son out of every marriage forfilling either of these lines of duty. They are also known to a lesser degree for their support and active contribution towards the arts, charity and the university of Dementlieu.

House Montte as a minor noble house swore fealty to the great House Guignol. The last head of the family was Baron Edmond Montte, former captain of the gendarmerie. Baron Montte vanished in the middling days of the Dementlieuse Civil War, after acts of dishonor against members of the Solemn Covenant. He has not been seen, since.

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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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House Brisbois
Cadet branch of House Richelieu

"Voici Notre Bounty"
" Behold Our Bounty "

House Brisbois is a Cadet branch of House Richelieu, originally established two generations ago to reap the bountiful lands of Verbrek from it's Mordent boarders while being able to export the resources to Dementlieu. The House gained a large quantity of wealth from importing the lumber, foodstuffs, and remarkable quality pelts from the wild domain to Dementlieu. While it's influence increased in the cities of the Boy-King, it grew to be hated in Verbrek. The excessive hunting. and logging caught the attention of the domains true rulers.

Eventually House Brisbois's wealth declined in the span of thirty years as they were forced to flee Verbrek's lush realm and all but forgotten by House Richelieu. Now days House Brisbois's patriarch and family has moved to Port-a-Lucine to reclaim their "good name" and wealth by any means. Members of their house are more noticeable then other Houses by the sapling green dye used in their cloths to represent the house colors.  Some even keep their Mordent and Verbrekian origins by wearing animal pelts as sashes for men, mantles for women, and  cloaks for both sexes.

//If you would like to join House Brisbois as a retainer, send me a tell or PM. This is the first step to become a proper rank in the house, or  ask for advice to start your own house.
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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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House Vauqelin
[NPC House-Vinculum]

Sans Variance, et à Mon Droit

What a resident of Port-a-Lucine might know...

An old and somewhat forgotten house, House Vauqelin traces it's roots back to the Mordentish nobility. Upon arriving in Dementlieu they used their substantial wealth to take up residence on a large estate upon the Baie d'Pernault, Manoir de Bois de Saule. There they existed for several generations quietly and without incident. Much unlike their noble peers the Vauqelins seemed to shun the excessive trappings of their station. Powdered wigs, powdered faces and the cutting edge of fashion were never a concern of the family, nor was the banter and prattle the Dementlieuese upper-crust is known for. Regardless, they were both intelligent and shrewd eventually securing a position, albeit briefly, on the Council of Brilliance.

Rumors of an obsession with spiritualism and the occult persistently followed them. True or not, this would eventually prove their downfall. Visconte Albert de Vaquelin, family patriarch would face charges on and be accused of necromancy. His execution and the seizure of family assets by the state which would follow spelled certain ruin for the family.

Their estate would fall to neglect and abandon as their once proud house would have tragedy upon tragedy wrought upon them. Outcast and financially ruined they vanished into the slums of Port-a-Lucine.

Present Sketch...


The fortunes of all great houses rise and fall...

Leandre de Vauqelin, aged 20 years, a young and not unattractive boy from the slums of Port-a-Lucine who found himself in the employ of the University claimed three years ago to be the legitimate scion of House Vauqelin. After a lengthy, secretive and expensive series of hearings and proceedings the young Leandre found himself restored in title, land and some manner of fortune. Friendly, outgoing and slightly more fashionable compared to his ancestors, he works now as personal assistant to the president of the University of Port-a-Lucine.

Rumours still persist as to how he afforded in both coin and influence the ability to restore his family name and standing...but none can dispute that he now sits as one of Port-a-Lucine's most eligible bachelors.
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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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House Montmorency

"La seule vraie sagesse est de savoir que vous ne savez rien."
"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."

House Montmorency is an older house, though it has seen a fitful rise to power. The house was relatively well-to-do, donating heavily to the Arcane University, and seemed to be well on its way to becoming well known and respected. A number of its members had served honorably in the Gendarme for the last few decades, and one had even reached some level of popularity at the opera house. Unfortunately, in 742 BC Signeur Anselme Montmorency was found convicted of the murder of a member of a noble household. House Montmorency quickly scrambled to cover up the affair, but they were unable to do so before it became public knowledge. Through a liberal use of the House's fortune, the Montmorency's have managed to sweep the affair out of the public eye enough to begin to move forward, though rumors abound that it has cost the estate greatly, and the Montmorency's are on the verge of bancruptcy.

//If you would like to join House Montmorency as a retainer, send me a tell or PM. Alternately, if any other house would like to volunteer as the house of the murder victim, I would be happy to start a feud if that's more your thing.
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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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[NPC House]

One of the oldest houses in Dementlieu, House de Larose started their hold in the country as inventors, doctors, and scholars.  They were a particularly insular family, focusing on study and donations towards the education system of the Republic, though they were never particularly rich, especially in later years.  It is no secret that the family has married into foreign families in the distant past, mainly Lamordian and Darkonese men and women. 

Though, most noteably, a couple of Forfarian refugees of the more intelligent end of their usually simple folk made their way into the House, and now it is not too uncommon to see a red headed child amongst them.

Until recently, the family had separated somewhat, taking on their own projects, and some even working towards more economic ventures such as trade and farming.  This was largely due to the collapse of House de Larose's finances a century ago due to mismanaged investments by Clotaire de Larose, the patriarch at the time.  Due to the efforts of Lucille Larose, Esquire, House Larose had entered an era unheard of only generations before, bringing the wayward family members traveling back to the city in hopes of a greater future as a vassal to House Laverte, at least for now.

Yet, with the dawn of the Revolution in Dementlieu, the house recieved what was percieved by some as a setback, when Professeur Lucille de Larose disappeared upon news of her assassination of the revolution's beloved leader, Pauline Jenout. Doom seemed spelled for the house, in the wake of this news. However, by the ingenuity and diligence of Osker de Larose, and the spilling of his own blood, he was granted his own company of mercenaries, the Company of the Fox, who have in recent days deterred the invasion of Mordent by the ruthless and cunning Valachani under Baron Urik von Kharkov.  Granted Baronship, the half-Lamordian now stood as the Patriarch of House de Larose, until his disappearance. 

The new head of House de Larose is the niece of Osker de Larose, daughter of his deceased older brother Heinrich de Larose, a woman in their early thirties by the name of Baroness Eryka de Larose, an accomplished natural philosopher.
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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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House Delaroux; established three generations ago by successful merchant and wine connoisseur, Lucien Delaroux, when he was granted barony over a strip of land east of Edrigan. The first Baron Delaroux used this strip of land and his mercantile income to establish a winery, which has been passed down through the generations and serving as House Delaroux's main source of income. Bottles produced during the first Delaroux generation are wildly popular in Edrigan and some wine connoisseur circles in Port-a-Lucine, but the renowned taste of the first Baron Delaroux was not passed on to his heirs along with the winery, leading the Delaroux name to fall largely into obscurity.

Chateau Delaroux currently lies abandoned and boarded up, after an unexplained phenomenon led to the family's disappearance. The current Baron Delaroux and his wife are presumed dead, leaving the broken estate to the sole Delaroux heir, Zoé Delaroux, who resurfaced one week after the family's disappearance.

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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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House de Coursay ((defunct))

"Ancienne et fidèle, toujours."
"Ancient and loyal, always."

The vaunted and storied House de Coursay is recognized as one of the most prestigious and well-respected families, its existence dating back for many generations. By serving the republic dutifully over the course of decades, the patriarchs of that widely-respected family were given titles and land. Perhaps the most prestigious of the titles created and bestowed upon those of the Coursay line would be the viscountcy of the same name.

Unfortunately, while the Coursay family possessed considerable tracts of land as part of their estate, and status among the peerage, there would be one thing that the Coursay family would always struggle to have in great quantities: children. Indeed, so few heirs were produced that it was believed by many that House de Coursay met its end when Viscount Bertrand de Coursay was literally torn limb from limb by a mob that formed in one of Quartier Ouvrier’s poor-houses, just prior to the Revolution of 770 BC starting in earnest.

All were surprised when the son of renowned spice merchant Ernest Voclain, Anselme, pressed a claim to the late Bertrand de Coursay’s former title, going before the Council of Brilliance and the Lady-Governor to assert it. According to Anselme, his father was in fact the legitimized bastard of Viscount Leon de Coursay, Bertrand’s grandfather. While questions were raised concerning Leon de Coursay’s rumored life as a confirmed bachelor, an elderly woman named Lucille de Coursay, the signeur of Chantillac and the last living member of the Coursay line, chose to back Anselme’s claim to the title of Viscount de Coursay. Curiously enough, Lucille de Coursay would pass on, through what appeared to be natural causes, not but a week after the hearing.

While the Lady-Governor and the Council of Brilliance did not bestow upon Anselme de Coursay the title he so sought, citing a lack of evidence, they did recognize him as being truly of the blood, and bestowed upon him the lesser title of Baron de Corbie, the 5th to bear such a title. For a time, Anselme enjoyed said title, but just as he laid claim to the title of Vicomte de Valais, he found himself arrested by the Gendarmerie. In the trial that followed, Anselme admitted the claims he had to both his titles were fraudulent.
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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
« Reply #9 on: December 17, 2015, 09:47:28 PM »
House Sallembier

"Connaissance, Éloquence, et Piété"
" Knowledge, Eloquence, and Piety"

House Sallembier are minor nobles within Dementlieu, holding the title of the Baron of Granthe, though many of of the men also hold titles of Chevalier as well. The family was known and still is known for two things: their piety and Support of the Church of Ezra, and their support of learning. They were patronizers of both. Supporting both chapels to Ezra and Libraries of various subjects. They remain strong supporters of education and of the faith to this day; including the university of Dementlieu. 

When the revolution of 770 happened they supported the council of Brilliance over Foquelaine or the revolutionaries. While they remained quiet during the Foquelaine reign, they did what they could to protect others from his goons quietly. Those who might have been targets they kept safe. The house survived that chaos to meet the fires of the revolution.

As they were nobles, the revolutionaries targeted them. Like all nobles, the house was stripped of its lands and titles. The revolution during their bloodier moments brought up some of their members for execution. Any support they may have had for things to get better died with the mass executions, especially when Antoinette was executed. Antoinette, the younger sister of Clarisse, even though she did try to help others and was a kind woman, the revolutionaries executed her nonetheless.

When Falkovinia invaded the family offered to fight against the invading hawks. Claude being the foremost of the members to volunteer to fight. In addition to fighting, they made the decision to back Helene DuSuius and Dominic as they restored power. This brought the restoration of their lands and titles was given to Gaspard, elevating the family as a whole. This along with the near the end of of the twins, Jeanne and Alphonse, education at the university and the recent birth of Renard, son of Claude and Sophie, make the house look forward to what the future holds.

The Baron de Granthe, Gaspard Sallembier, was discovered near a Gendarmerie weapons cache stored on his family land. His death, while tragic, prevented the cache from being raided in full. His son inherited the title on 4 Decembre 777. Young Renard Sallembier II is traumatized, having witnessed his grandfather's death.
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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
« Reply #10 on: April 01, 2016, 05:16:39 PM »
House Bellerose
[OOC Crest was designed by Dusk]
So Beautiful, so dangerous.
Si belle, si dangereux.

House Bellerose is a bygone family from another time, one with a long and venerated history, the bloodline almost lost during the recent revolution. Since then the entirety of the families estate, businesses and lands have been lost along with its wealth.

The family initially worked within the silk trades, producing fine, eloquent and exquisite finery for the higher classes of Port-a-lucine, owning a small import trade of silks being brought in by ship and made into the clothing which earned the family a reputation, besides this they owned several plots of land, with various investments within the industries of both Port-a-lucine and Chateaufaux, earning  the families wealth.

House Bellerose originated within Port-a-lucine existing as one of the political and influential houses of Dementlieu, Marquis Vincent louis de Bellerose who was the patriarchal head of the family and father to Charles, Lucille and Sophie headed the family, till his untimely demise at the hands of revolutionaries.

When the revolution came the family supported the council of Brillance openly, favouring the nobility and overlooking the plight of the poor. The house is survived by Charles de Bellerose and Lucille Bellerose.

A very old saying among the family is "Those who dare not grasp the thorns, should not desire the rose” which speaks volumes of those who once used them.


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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
« Reply #11 on: May 28, 2016, 07:24:13 PM »
House Marceaux
"Le cœur voit plus loin que l'esprit."
"The heart sees further than the mind."

The origins of House Marceaux has its roots in the nearby domain of Richemulot, initially founded by Sebastien Marceaux. Through loyal and faithful service on the battlefield, he was raised to the status of petty nobility, granting him his name and the right to bear heraldry as a noble House in Pont-a-Museau.

In Dementlieu, the story is much the same for how the House came to be. House Marceaux is a fresh addition to the peerage, established in 771 B.C., the young Juste Marceaux, son of Sebastien was knighted by Helene duSuis, and granted a viscountcy after a successful campaign waged against the Valachani invaders in Mordent. Not long after his return his House expanded with a host of retainers, and he had also come into ownership of the Company of the Fox, solidifying his House's privatized military in the process.
It is as of current that the Household provides a smaller amount of services to the public, ranging from insight into the arcane sciences, to medicines and even security detail. He has recently expressed interest in supporting the growth of more fine arts within the city of Port-à-Lucine, openly backing the Theatre de la Cathedrale on multiple occasions. In the realm of politics, the young lord also seemed rather interested in further distancing Dementlieuse dependence on Falkovnian trade.

Aside from all that is on the surface, a controversy has and still follows Juste wherever he goes, of both good and bad nature. He is viewed by some as an interloper, a foreigner, but yet, his deeds on behalf of the République cannot be refuted. Regardless of this, he carries himself with pride and confidence while in public, head ever held high.

In a more recent light, it seems that the Viscount has taken a wife of a surprising origin. A lithe and small Barovian woman by the name of Magda, now inhereted the Marceaux name, seems to have won him over. Among the many marriages that occur out of convenience, or for wealth and power -- this does not seem to be. In most perhaps it has stirred disapproval, and in others, warming their hearts to see such a union occur. Whatever it might mean for one of the more prominent Houses in Dementlieu, remains to be seen...

It was not long before the horrors of war seemed to catch up with House Marceaux. Following a great error and tragedy that occurred at the estate of the Duchesse de Beauvais, the Viscount of Roissy found himself in a very precarious political situation. As time passed, he grew silent, and to most -- his despair seemed apparent. However, at the height of the war with the Covenant, the Viscount turned for the unexpected. He would betray the Council of Brilliance in the end, cutting off their reinforcements from the Palais, which were attempting to crush a rebellion in league with the Covenant armies. It is said that he rode through the streets on horseback to quell the ensuing chaos, risking his life in the face of confused gendarmes and Covenant soldiers alike. He was successful, and not long after most of the fighting was quelled, disappeared, likely to never be heard from again.
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The heart sees further than the mind.

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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
« Reply #12 on: July 30, 2016, 02:46:38 AM »
House De La Chaize

"Strength, Prosperity, & Perseverance"

De La Chaize is a reasonably large established House based out of Chateaufaux. Proud and strong, each of the six generations has boasted a large brood of sons. Family tradition has dictated that the eldest, benefit as heir of the estate and fortune, and also delegate responsibilities to the younger brothers. While not entirely unheard of, true born daughters of the House have been almost non-existent. The most current leaders of the house, Baron Jean-Francois, and his wife, Baroness Genevieve run the day-to-day operations with strict adherence to tradition and social decorum. They are assisted by their three sons: Jean-Francois Jr., Renard, and Laurent. Charlotte, by far the youngest sibling and first true-born daughter in four generations, has just come of age.

About a day’s ride outside of Chateaufaux lies the small village of Venasque. It is here that the noble family holds authority of Lordship, with extended family members managing day-to-day operations and passing on more elaborate and important decisions up to the Baron directly.

Several years of careful financial planning and almost exclusive male offspring has situated House De La Chaize as quite influential in their home base of operation. They also hold reach in Port-a-Lucine through favorable arranged matches and business deals.

Trade of precious metals and gems across the country is the generally known basis of the house’s wealth, as well as a thoroughly developed private military operation. Drawing little attention to themselves in public circles, the House operates subtlety in the background: amassing their wealth, and instructing retainers and male family members alike aggressively in manner of combat.

During the Revolution of 770, aid in the form of supplies was sent to combat the insurgence of rebellion, but the majority of the fortune was safely kept tucked away in the home city. Ever since the conclusion of the Revolution, the House has largely withdrawn from Port-a-Lucine, operating almost exclusively out of Chateaufaux. Trade continues as it always has, and they stand ready to aid the government once more, as is needed.

*DM Arawn Stamp of Approval*
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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
« Reply #13 on: September 03, 2016, 08:09:44 PM »
House Valcourt
"L'homme n'est point fait pour méditer, mais pour agir.."
"Man was not made to meditate, he was made to act."

House Valcourt was one of several minor houses that followed suit as the prestigious D’Honaire Family left Mordent to re-establish themselves in Dementlieu. Led at the time by Candice Valcourt, they managed to acquire for themselves a barony east of Chateaufaux and south of the Jewel Box Lakes. A bloody feud came about between the newly-christened Baroness Valcourt and the recently ennobled House Falkenhausen, who through their defection earned themselves a permanent place within Dementlieu, despite their heritage and the recent invasion. Lord-Governor Chambon’s Council of Brilliance at the time would ultimately find House Valcourt guilty of instigating the conflict between the two families, and as punishment, would add a proviso to House Valcourt’s charter, forbidding women from inheritance.

Candice and her husband Leopold had several daughters and only one son, who was their youngest. It was in these unusual and atypical circumstances that Baron Renard Valcourt saw himself made the heir apparent to the family’s legacy. He would join the Gendarmerie and take part in Port-a-Lucine’s political life, though about a decade into what was supposed to be a long and storied career, he would find himself crippled and no longer able to serve – some claim this “accident” was engineered by one of his jealous sisters. He moved to Chateaufaux, eventually falling in love with a Darkonese elf by the name of Malfeina, who would later become his wife, to the shock of many.

The Baron Valcourt and his family lived a (mostly) quiet life in Chateaufaux, which ended abruptly with Marshal Armand Foquelaine’s seizing of the city. Malfeina was outspoken in her criticism of the man and his heavy-handed, draconian practices against would-be ‘revolutionaries’, calling him a ‘tyrant’. She was swiftly executed. The Baron and his daughter would go into hiding, and would remain in hiding until long after the chaos of the Revolution and the subsequent Falkovnian invasion subsided.

For reasons unknown, the Baron Valcourt and his daughter left Chateaufaux and establiushed a life for themselves in Port-a-Lucine. Many suspect that they sought to have the dreadful proviso added to their charter removed, as the Baron has only one heir… and a woman, at that. Unfortunately, following the untimely death of Baron Renard Valcourt, his daughter found herself denied what she would claim is rightfully hers by birth alone -- the Dementlieuse government remains in possession of both the Valcourt estate and title, Justine's attempts at trying to sway the Council of Brilliance having ended only in failure. After briefly returning to Chateaufaux to bury her father, it is believed that Justine has departed Dementlieu for a time, taking to travelling the Core and beyond, carrying with her only a small coinpurse and a knapsack full of her most prized belongings.

It is rumored that Justine attempted to join the Bellegarde Consortium and worked with them for a time in Barovia; her motives for traveling to such an obscure backwater are unknown, but speculated about -- many believed that she believed it as a path to seize what was rightfully hers again, or that she had given up and was seeking new ways to support the ostentatious lifestyle she was accustomed to. None will know for sure her intentions, as she is no more, and with her death, so ended the Valcourt line in Dementlieu.

Abroad, in their home of Mordent, the Family has continued a quiet existence. In deliberation for the future, they have been hard at work with confirming rumors and weaving more prominence in their home realm. Candice's father, Henri, sired a number of sons. Gerard Valcourt, the eldest, has inherited the estates in Mordent, and he himself has now three sons and a daughter; Lothaire, Edmund, Audrey, and Gereon. Lothaire has his future secured as the heir of the native estates, and Edmund, as per tradition of second sons of the family, became an Anchorite of Her Second Revelation, serving in Mordentshire, and Audrey is soon to be married off for political ties to other washed-up Mordentish aristocracy.

Godwin Valcourt, late in the line of inheritance to Henri Valcourt as his third son, would live a lavish lifestyle in Mordent. Less ambitious than his other siblings, once he married, he spent his time enjoying the perks and benefits of nobility rather than the politics of inheritance.  Subsequently, Godwin’s son, Cornelius, and his other children ended up inheriting his same indulgence for cheap thrills and partying.  Godwin’s father eventually grew disdainful of the lack of ambition and wasting away of his solars.  With a firm ultimatum to Godwin and his children, Henri Valcourt demanded that his son and grandchildren move to the city of lights and make something out of the Valcourt name themselves or he would disown them.

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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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House von Falkenhausen

"Unbridled Freedom"

The von Falkenhausen dynasty has a storied history in the Dementlieuse Republic. The family, tired of Drakov's tyranny, defected to Dementlieu under the direction of Baron Gerhardt von Falkenhausen. Von Falkenhausen sponsored numerous anti-Drakov groups and movements within Falkovnia's borders. Furthermore, it aided in the formation of a self-proclaimed Provisional All-Falkovnian Government for the Republic of Falkovnia. Its faction had some success in wooing defectors and emigres under its umbrella until the conclusion of hostilities between Dementlieu and Falkovnia. Their efforts granted them a barony alongside the Falkovnian border, the respect of Falkovnian dissidents, as well as responsibilities to ensure the defense of the border as marcher lords. Its relationships with fellow marcher lords became important for the defense of the Republic as they were the first line of defense against future aggression by the Kingfuhrer.

 The Republican faction's activities occasionally fostered further tensions between the two states until tensions within the 'Provisional Government' led to its demise in 751 following the Requiem. House Falkenhausen's political activities were primarily focused in the town of Chateaufaux where clashes with House Valcourt occurred. House Valcourt viewed the Falkovnian House as interlopers and upstarts, which led to conflict and controversy. The Council of Brilliance eventually chose to side with the Falkenhausen family and punish their rivals once the conflict between the two houses came to a head. It made headways as an increasingly influential house as Lord Ferdinand von Falkenhausen married Lady Ariane of House Vignon, a minor house along the Mordentish border and amiable ties were established with other houses. However, the revolution was a major turning point in the house's history.

During the course of the revolution Lord Ferdinand believed that while there were some reasonable demands among the revolution, he ultimately became involved with counter-revolutionary forces in fear it would encourage Falkovnia to invade an increasing destabilized Dementlieu. Hie fears would come to fruition as Falkovnian soldiers crossed the border, burned his estate and slew many on their warpath. the Falkenhausen barony was thoroughly destroyed by triumphant Falkovnian soldiers who hunted down any and all traitors of Falkovnia without mercy. Worse yet, his eldest and heir Franz was executed in Port-a-Lucine for counter-revolutionary activity. Lord Ferdinand would later die in an attempt to organize guerrilla activity against Drakov and leave the house in the hands of his second son Hans.

Under Lord Hans von Falkenhausen's direction, the house has begun to recover slowly but surely, prioritizing its efforts in rebuilding influence in Chateufaux, its estates, and re-establishing ties with other marcher lords. Lord Ferdinand's third and second youngest son Joseph von Falkenhausen would find his way in Port-a-Lucine to represent its family's interests in the political capital of the Republic. Some speculate the family seeks government and private investment to aid in rebuilding eastern Dementlieu. However, recent anti-Falkovnian sentiment and its staunch anti-revolutionary stance has harmed its efforts and significantly weakened its political position.

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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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House de Sauvre
Cadet Branch of House Sauveterre

"On récolte ce que l'on sème."
"You reap what you sow."

House de Sauvre is a relatively new house, established a mere two generations ago by Melisande & Louis de Sauvre and are primarily acknowledged for their strong familial ties with House Sauveterre. Originally from Richemulot, the de Sauvre’s were known for their charitable, kindly acts and eccentric religious beliefs. This reputation has clearly followed them, and is well deserved. Many are aware that House de Sauvre spends their coin frivolously, primarily on charities. It is rumored, and likely true, that because of this their house is near financial ruin. Their rushed departure from Richemulot two generations past is still speculated upon quite frequently, as no explanation was ever given. It is widely believed that their departure was due to a brief but intense clash with the Ezrite Inquisition over heretical accusations.

Melisande de Sauvre's only son, Emile de Sauvre, passed suddenly in April of 752 in a shipwreck off the coast of Lamordia. Helaine de Sauvre, Lamordian widow of Emile and mother of Solange, became extremely withdrawn and declined any social invitation. In February of 753, Melisande de Sauvre acknowledged the death of Helaine, yet rumors persist that Helaine had been given to Mikki Sanatorium near Chateaufaux. Solange de Sauvre spent the majority of her childhood kept away from society by her protective grandmother, and only caused a small stir upon marrying Césaire Durant, a wealthy merchant, in 759 after a very brief courtship.

House de Sauvre experienced a sudden loss in 766 when Césaire Durant, loving husband to Solange de Sauvre was killed in a carriage accident. In 769 Dame de Sauvre caused quite a fuss by becoming one of the very few women to make their way into the gendarme. Soon after her scandalous entry into the gendarme, she became a national hero by bringing down a conspiracy ring led by House Dauphin, and turning in a highly dangerous criminal that was in cahoots with said conspirators. Later that year, Melisande de Sauvre, the former matriarch, passed away. The details surrounding her death are shrouded in mystery, with the Dame de Sauvre refusing to answer questions regarding it. All that is known is that a funeral with only the Dame and her son in attendance was held.

In late 769, Dame de Sauvre and her young son left the country for two years. Upon their return in 771, the Dame had commented that they were in Lamordia during the recent Dementlieuse revolution. The Dame had her previous position of Sergent-Inspecteur within the gendarmerie re-instated, and was once again pursuing endeavors for the charitable de Sauvre Foundation to much success. As tensions rose within the city, Solange de Sauvre was once again no where to be found despite rumors surrounding her ties to the rebellion.

March 776, saw Solange's quiet return to Port-a-Lucine where many questioned the whereabouts of her son. Come late August of 776, Dorian de Sauvre arrived in Port-a-Lucine, newly eighteen.

In late December of 776, Solange de Sauvre was found dead due to a gunshot wound to the head within the Cimetière des Âmes-Sereines before the grave of her parents, grandmother, and husband, leaving Dorian de Sauvre as the last living member of House de Sauvre.

With the last de Sauvre's in Port-a-Lucine, it remains to be seen what the future holds for the dying house.
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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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House Laurier

"Valor Forged in Tempered Steel"

"La Valeur forgée en acier trempée"

House Laurier is a new house in the peerage of Dementlieu. Situated in a small village near Chateaufaux called Beauvieres, the Laurier family had been forging weapons for years, specializing mostly in rapiers, but also offering all type of other steel weapons. During the invasion in 770 BC, Étienne Laurier managed to furnish a steady and much-needed supply of weapons to the Republique forces, even smuggling some weapons pass the Falkovnians lines twice. When the war was over, the Council of Brilliance gave the lands surrounding Beauvieres to the Laurier family along with the title of Baron for the services and help they had provided during the war. The new Baron has now changed the sight of the small village, making it one of the best weapon manufacturer of the Republique.

Known to be a hard businessman, Étienne Laurier has been multiplying his sales and extending his business in Dementlieu since he has acquired his title. He knows has contacts across the country, and he uses them effectively to gain more prestige, solars, and influence with the most powerful and ancient houses of the Republique. Some of his ancient clients, however, among them the Baron de la Chaize, have complained that Baron Laurier of cutting corners on weapons and being more concerned about profits than serving the armies of Dementlieu. Nevertheless, the business is flourishing, alliance are made, and the Laurier family is starting to be known as one of the new noble families who want to make a difference.

Mathieu Laurier is currently the only member of the Laurier family living in Port-a-Lucine. Sent by his father to study at the University for a Degree in Law, Mathieu now manages the family business along with keeping up with his studies. Known for his easy smile and approachable demanour, he looks to expand the business and make Laurier’s Arms and Mercantile the weapon supplier everyone in the Republique wants to go to when they need the highest quality. On a personal level, Mathieu is known for the various women that keep him company, even while he is actively looking for a bride within the nobility.

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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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House Passeleau
"La maison est où nous naviguons."
"Home is where we sail."

While House Passeleau is a noble family of Dementlieu, its lineage is not as prestigious as others. However, its influence is no less great than many of the other minor noble houses, for blood is not the only thing with value in the Republic. Gold speaks volumes.

Established nearly one hundred ninety years ago, rumors still say that Hugo Passeleau, the founding patriarch, was an adventurer and gained his fame and wealth through uncertain means. While most say that Hugo was simply an aggressive businessman who naturally entered noble grace through hard work, others suggest it was a hoard of gold coins, or even open piracy, which paved the Passeleau way into nobility. Some rumors even say bits of the House's original treasure still exist, hidden within its estate.

Regardless of the truth, over the years, House Passeleau has established itself as a driving force in Dementlieu's maritime and mercantile community, under the auspices of the 'Charpentiers de Marine et Crédit-bail de la Baie d’Azur' (Azure Bay Shipwrights and Leasing), centered by the small Baie d'Azur, a village south of Port-a-Lucine.  Many admire the fine tall ships crafted and leased by House Passeleau, and their mastery of the business has assured their continued influence in the southern coast of the country.

The current patriarch Serge Passeleau,is a shrewd man, though he hardly ever leaves the family's estate along the southern coast, surrounding himself with ship plans and merchant ledgers. Some go so far as to say that the man is terrified of a curse set upon the gold which founded the House. Records in the Palais seem to at least give some support to the bleak legend--several generations of the family have lost their first-born children in tragic circumstances.
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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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House Joubert
[Effectively defunct]

"Par tout moyen nécessaire."
By any means necessary.


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House Martel
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House Martel
[Currently defunct]

"Vigilant et fidèle, pour toujours."
Vigilant and faithful, evermore.



Now a mere vestige of ancient Dementlieuse military tradition, the once notable Martels of Chateaufaux have all but disappeared from the annals of the republic. Traditionally finding their humble origins as a bloodline of soldiers, throughout the multitude of generations, many of those among house's manhood have been inducted into the military division upon the frontier, providing their loyal aid to the Council and the Republic as distinguished members of the southern border guard, serving a shield against the raids and incursions for many a year of their service.
This form of stalwart allegiance throughout the times, had eventually culminated in bestowal of a title of Baron upon then-acting Grand Officier René Martel of Chateaufauxian corps, effectively ascending the Martels to the status of nobility. Another boon included a strip of land to the east, bordering the very edge of Musandre river, which had soon given rise to a fortified estate which would house the members of the family for generations to come.

The fortune of the House of Martel had taken a sharp turn for the worse in the year of 707. BC. during the first known incursion by the Falkovnian troops led by Vlad Drakov. Thoroughly unprepared for an assault of such proportions, the Martel estate was among the first to suffer utter ruin and decimation during the initial phases of Falkovnian onslaught. By the time Dementlieuse military under valiant Captain Jardine pushed the Falkovnian menace back at Chateaufaux, the house of Martel lied in shambles and ash, with all but a handful of members facing certain doom at the hands of invaders. Losing its status in the flames of war, the House Martel was essentially written off by the Council of Brilliance as defunct - a tragic and inevitable political casualty.


Even though the house itself had faced demise, the ambition behind the strive for its restoration seemingly hasn't. Ashamed by the act of his own survival of the massacre, Renaud Martel had ensured to wipe nearly every trace of his birthright and heritage, deeming himself unworthy of carrying on its legacy and thus settling as a penniless commoner within Edrigan. Unbeknownst to him however, his son Dominique would eventually unravel the truth after his death, devoting the bulk of his lifetime in pursuit of a long lost glory. Eventually, his ambition gave fruit in form of his rise to a well-heeled shop proprietor within Chateaufauxian merchant circles, albeit the tragic passing of both his wife and daughter infected the man with incurable strain of apathy, placing a permanent halt upon his efforts.

Now with Dominique lying upon a death bed, the burden of birthright seemingly lies upon the shoulders of the older of Martel twins - Edgard, who had been previously kept within dark as his father before him. Formerly a member of Dementlieuse Gendarmerie, now indefinitely discharged due to an injury attained during the most recent Falkovnian incursion, Edgard Martel strives boldly to reclaim the grandeur of House Martel, and only the fates themselves will determine the outcome of his ambition.

Jacques Martel - Erudite Inquisitor
Sigrin Leafare - Warder of Arvoreen

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House Roquefort
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House Roquefort

"Avec des faits, j'ai tout conquis."
With facts, I've conquered everything.


House Roquefort’s storied lineage dates back to the days of Emperor Leon. Ruling over his entirely rural demesne from a small manor in the centre, House Roquefort’s reputation, once strong, has eroded over time, thanks in no small part to the man who presently holds the title of Vicomte de Vexin, Augustin de Roquefort.

It is said that roughly thirty years ago, the roguishly handsome nobleman visited Port-a-Lucine in search of a wife. Many women of high station and remarkable pedigree approached him, hoping to be the one that would woo him and become his wife, a Vicomtesse. However, Augustin saw through all of them, realizing they were just after power, and weren’t at all interested in him as a person. He then encountered Margot – she was but a simple commoner, yet the two fell madly in love with one another, much to the disdain and disapproval of others belonging to the gentry.

Years later, Margot passed away – Augustin became a recluse soon after, never leaving the confines of his manor, turning away what few friends he still had at the door, his household servants his only company. The lavish grounds of the Roquefort family estate were untended to for the longest time, weeds overwhelming much of what was once there before. Parts of the manor not being actively used by the Vicomte would ultimately fall into disrepair. Those who tilled the land where Augustin nominally ruled were mostly left to their own devices. It is said that when the Revolution of 770 BC overtook much of the country, the revolutionaries didn’t give the dilapidated estate of the Vicomte de Vexin so much as a second glance.

Imagine, then, the shock and alarm that was felt by all living in Port-a-Lucine upon seeing Augustin de Roquefort walking along the city’s streets as he did once before, partaking in its vibrant night-life. Rumor even has it that his estate is in the process of being restored to its former glory. What brings him back to Dementlieu’s capital and what instills in the now middle-aged Augustin with this newfound vigor? Could it be the turmoil that is affecting much of the country has reached his doorstep, or could it be that he desires a second wife, someone to help him finally get over his late wife, Margot... ?

It turned out, in fact, to the latter, as the nobleman would court an outlander woman by the name of Lloyd Amyneddgar. Their time spent together was short, yet they enjoyed the time that they spent together.. or so Augustin thought. In truth, Lloyd would wind up breaking his heart. In his rage, he would gather his retainers, his friends, and allies, and together, they conspired to kill the Vicomte de Roissy, numerous officers of the Company of the Fox, and numerous others, including innocents. He was slain by the Vicomte de Roissy just outside Ricardo Diosa's palace to fine art, yet no body was found. His true fate remains a mystery to most, yet it is one that will linger in ignominy and disgrace.

House de Roquefort exists as a shell of its former glory with many of its lands seized after the criminal actions of its Vicomte. The remaining properties generate little revenue yet are kept possessively by the family clinging to its better days. Its current patriarch, Louis-Joseph de Roquefort, serves the magistrate in Port-a-Lucine while living in a modest townhouse of the family holding. He is said to bear the shame of his older brother's crimes and carves out a miserable and meek existence spurned by the social circles of his peers.

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Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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House Trelliard

"Aucun ennemi ne peut nous retenir"
No Enemy Can Hold Us Back


House Trelliard was established in the aftermath of the first Falkovnian invasion of 707 BC. Its patron founder, Louis Trelliard, was a cavalry officer of no particular note in the Gendarmerie, whom was captured by Drakov's forces during the early days of the war, and sent to Falkovnia. As generally accepted story goes, Louis cut his way out of imprisonment in Lekar, and returned to Dementlieu after a dangerous escape. The Council of Brilliance awarded Louis a barony for his bravery and enemy intelligence retrieved during his escape, but there are some that muttered then and even today, that the founding Trelliard was nothing but a coward.

In recent history, the Trelliards have become noted for their extensive breeding and training of horses on their granted swathe of pastoral land at the village of Chalaines, several miles north of Penault Bay, near the city of Mistree. Their horses are often sought by the aristocracy and Gendarmeries alike for their superior characteristics, though there are some rumors that House Trelliard is just as cut throat in treatment of their servants as when dealing with their competitors.

The current head of house is the Baron de Chalaines, Geoffry Trelliard, who avoided any support of the insurgency or the Council during the Revolution of 770 BC, is a reclusive man, said to be more concerned with hunting than politics. Often, he is away for days on hunting expeditions. His wife, Valérie, in contrast, is an active, eager woman in Dementlieuse high society, notable for her exquisitely fashionable dresses and attendance of social gatherings. They have three children, Basile, the eldest son who has involved himself in foreign diplomatic circles, Laurette, the only daughter and Lieutenant of Port-a-Lucine's Gendarmerie, and Maurice, the youngest son who is in attendance at the University of Dementlieu.

The family's support of the Covenant during the recent civil war became known after tides of green and red-coated Trelliard cavalry joined Mortigny soldiers in a final surprise assault through the opened gates of Port-a-Lucine...

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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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House Vernier

"Comme il a été écrit."
As it was written.


Tracing their origins to the days of Emperor Léon, House Vernier has enjoyed centuries of relative security, both physical and financial, in their small demesne of the town of Sévigny, between the largest of the Jewel Box Lakes and the Musarde. Historically they dabbled in the growing and cultivating of medicinal flora and the production of general equipment used for medicine and other markets; linen, cotton, and glass. Most recently their prospects have shifted to also include the production and trade of tobacco; supplying Dementlieuse coffee houses with their special quality smokes.

However, during the recent Falkovnian invasion of 770 BC, the family’s patriarch, Pascal Vernier, was put to the sword for resistance, and the fields of the estate put to the torch. Succeeding him was his eldest son Bernard - a shrewd, cunning and learned individual, a graduate of the University of Port-à-Lucine and already a man by his own right with children of his own. It fell to him to rebuild the family’s wealth and prestige, both things that have slowly drained away, having turned entirely to ash under his late father’s reign. It is common knowledge that the Maitriser, Marius de Mortigny, has elevated this once proud House out of the grave with his sponsorship. This significant investment is said by some to be a desperate measure on Bernard’s part and a debt one could never hope to repay, though the good Baron sitting in Sévigny has thus far claimed neutrality in the civil war.

Pascal also sired three other children; Isandre, the middling son with a fascination for theology and philosophy, along with a pair of twins, Camille and Brice, two young brats. Their older brother has sent them away to Port-à-Lucine several months prior to the siege of the capital in 773 BC, in order to re-establish a presence and connections with the bulk of the realm’s nobility… Yet it is curious that the three have not been heard from or seen, since. What fate has come upon them?
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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
« Reply #24 on: June 07, 2018, 09:22:51 PM »
House Magnier

Our Pride Intact

House Magnier traces its venerable line back before the time of Leon and the Council of Brilliance, the ancestral claim solidified during the unification of Dementlieu. The modest baronial estate claimed wooded lands north of Maison Fre, on the Lamordian border. There the family has spent the majority of the last three centuries protecting the surrounding countryside from bandits and smugglers. House Magnier has a proud military tradition, having sent sons into every major conflict since its formation. Despite this storied legacy, the house has always remained a minor influence, more interested in the actual business of their estate and its regions than playing politics in greater Dementlieu. Tragically, the Magnier estate has since been lost. The baronial lands and title passed out of the family to a son-in-law through the very sort of politicking that the family had so often avoided. Two generations later, the remaining Magniers remain without land or title, now heavily involved in the shipping business out of Aquitaine.

Spoiler: show
The passing of the Baronial title is a tragic tale. Baron Girard Magnier ultimately took two wives and was through them graced three children. Through his first wife, Mélanie, he was given a daughter named Chrétienne. Her mother's untimely passing took a toll on father and daughter alike and thus it was many years before he remarried to Nicolette. This second wife gifted him with two more children, a second daughter named Dauphine and finally, a son named Macé.

By the time his son was born, Chrétienne had been married for several years to Remon Beauregard. The young nobleman got along very well with his father-in-law, and in many ways becoming the son that Girard did not expect to have. Even in his later years, the old Baron was closer to Remon than his own blood. When Girard began his slow decline in both mind and body, it was thus no surprise that Remon was placed in charge of his affairs and made steward for the Magnier estates. This choice would ultimately prove disastrous for the Magnier line.

In the last days of Girard's life, Remon pressed his political favors and ultimately had Macé framed for and convicted on charges of conspiracy involving Lamordian smugglers. Macé was disenfranchised and stripped of his noble title. As a small mercy his own children were allowed to retain their name and status even if they were no longer entitled to inherit their grandfather's land. Upon Girard's passing, the venerable Magnier estate and baronial title were passed into House Beauregard, where his own grandchildren enjoy them to this day.

Dauphine Magnier was heartbroken by the betrayal and believed her elder sister had been in on the thing from the beginning. No longer wishing to reside on stolen lands, she fled to Chateaufaux where she eventually married a wealthy but lowborn merchant named Rasse Espivant and thereafter washed her hands of the whole affair.

Macé would spend the rest of his life as a man driven by a determination to win back his land and heritage. He enjoyed a remarkable career as a soldier, merchant marine and privateer.. but would ultimately succeed only in establishing a mildly successful shipping business and in passing his own ambitions on to his three children before his death.

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