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Author Topic: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses  (Read 29352 times)


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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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House Sazeray

"La puissance est dérivée de la force."
"Might is derived from strength."

House Sazeray was founded in the year 723 B.C., after a prominent industrialist in Chateaufaux named Xavier de Sazeray was awarded letters patent for “improving and developing commerce within Chateaufaux” by Lord-Governor Chambon and his Council of Brilliance. No land came with the title, and it is all but understood that the title was bequeathed to Xavier because of his willingness to assist with the Dementlieuse government’s rather acute financial troubles at the time. It would be one of many stated reasons for Lord-Governor Chambon’s removal from power five years later.

Of course, Xavier de Sazeray was already of advanced age and he would not be able to enjoy his newfound status for long. He would expire from natural causes and his title would pass along to his eldest son, Bertrand de Sazeray. He would prove to be an unremarkable administrator of his father’s meagre estate until 740 BC, when madness saw to overwhelming Chateaufaux.

The young Baron offered full-throated support of Mayor Henri Melano and Captain Domini Tisiphanes as they created the Black Watch and saw to enforcement of all manner of draconian laws and edicts, and arrested dissenters on the absolute thinnest of legal pretexts. He was dealing with labor troubles at the time, and he knew he could count on the Black Watch to ensure order was kept in his workhouses. When Mayor Melano and Captain Tisiphanes were replaced by new, saner leadership, Bertrand de Sazeray’s past allegiances were not forgotten and he was largely alienated by his noble peers. Scorned and rebuked, their influence in Chateaufaux largely abrogated.

Thirty-six years have passed since then, and the Baron is now in his twilight years. In spite of this, rumor has it that his mind is now as sharp as ever. Rare is it that he leaves his family’s estate positioned along Boulevard Jardine, however, save to occasionally oversee the workhouses his family owns. Instead, his son, Bertrand II, is the one most frequently seen around town and serves as the face of Sazeray Carriage Company, alongside his socialite daughter Zoëlle. Rumor has it that the latter has been sent to Port-a-Lucine, to find a proper suitor who will serve as a match… and yet, she would not make it to her intended destination.


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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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House Veilleux
Derived from the Old French "veille", meaning 'watch', or 'guard.'

"Ayez du courage, et soyez gentils."
"Have courage, and be kind."

True to the last name they have long since adapted, the Veilleux family have more than earned their place amongst the gentry and nobility of Dementlieu through their dutiful service. While they may be one of many families whose reputation has been cultivated through excellent military prowess, there is one thing that sets them apart; their unwavering resolution to focus their efforts on protecting the good, the poor, and the innocent. This is a kind-hearted house, and it is known that a Veilleux guard is amongst the most loyal one can long as one shows a good-natured hand. To reveal a more nefarious disposition is to sentence ones self to abandonment, and to find an immediate enemy in the Veilleux family. Despite their loyalty, their diligence, and their knack for spawning well-trained knights, this house has remained relatively minor. Many speculate that the Veilleux's are simply happy to remain as dressed-up guard dogs, while others theorize it is due to their "unfortunate" habit of marrying down rather than up.

It was not until around 23 years ago that a member of the Veilleux family elevated to a station beyond that of a knight. Sieur Valentin Veilleux was named Baronet in congratulations of his own merits, causing a great celebration amongst the many members of the family. Valentin has remained a modest man however, never flaunting or paying too much mind to this shift in status. His duty to his family and his work remained his priority.

The Siege of Amaranthe sparked the fuel for the family's only prominent scandal. Raised on the stories of heroes authored by her mother Rosaline, Valérie- the only daughter of Valentin- grew up wanting nothing more than to become just that- a hero her mother could be proud of. The young woman snuck off to aid in the effort, only to be injured, then promptly detained by soldiers who recognized her. Word was sent back to the Veilleux family that the young Veilleux had been killed in battle, rather than having been merely injured. By the time that another report was sent to rectify the mistake, however, it was too late; the grief-stricken Rosaline, who had locked herself away within her room to mourn, was found dead with a dagger at her side, and a slit wrist. The woman and her daughter had a bond closer than any other, and she simply could not bare the heartbreak of having lost her beloved daughter and best friend.

After having been returned to her home, Valérie remained under house arrest for more than a year, rarely making appearances outside of the family home. The hopeful, happy youth slowly decayed, becoming a shell of her former self. Her laughter no longer filled the halls of their home, and any formal training she had for swordsmanship seemed to cease. Even those closest to Valérie have not seen her smile since.

With the house arrest now lifted, one can only wonder...what will she do now?

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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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House d'Averine

House d’Averine holds an unremarkable history in Dementlieu and has almost never been at the forefront of any political involvement, often keeping away from disputes throughout its existence. The family all started due to the increasing success of textile merchant Bureau d’Averine, who quickly made a small enterprise and later earned the recognition by becoming Baronet. After his death, his son Robert d’Averine inherited the charge of his miniscule dynasty and title. Robert, to the knowledge of the public, had a fruitless marriage that bore him no children.

At his deathbed, Robert had shocked both the gentry and his own retainers, by confessing in his will that his family had an heir, legitimizing the bastard son known simply as Tezoh. This alarming and confusing revelation had led to controversy throughout the gentry, but the legal documentations were later deemed as legitimate by the magistrate and that Baronet Tezoh d’Averine was officially deemed as the rightful heir to the family.

Despite this, House d’Averine’s future remains uncertain, for despite its new head, Tezoh remains as the sole surviving family member, and his questionable appearance makes the public wonder how long he will last.

DM DISCLAIMER: No characters can be created nor can they originate from this family. The only living family member is Tezoh d'Averine.
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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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House de la Cour is an older house, its founding goes back at least three generations with Louis de la Cour during a now forgotten war. A military commander, House de la Cour found its beginning on the battlefield under the tactical wisdom Louis offered. His excellence on the field was rewarded with an honorable baronetcy, the unlanded title pushing them into noble courts, typically as military advisors.

Their influence would fade more with time, House de la Cour would be known for producing military men and women, typically on the homefront. Professors of military sciences, gendarmes, military officers, with this trend only being disrupted recently. With the passing of Gaspard de la Cour, his eldest son Tristain became the current baronette. Known as a bleeding heart and a compassionate man, his personal philosophy has kept the vast family out of the nation's major conflicts this last decade, much to the chagrin of many of its members.

His younger brother, Andre, has finally convinced Tristain to let him go to the capital to seek glory for the family. With his eldest son Devereux in tow, the traditional man is determined to end the family's recent stagnation and bring them to the forefront of the nation's politics.
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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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House Ambroiseux
House Ambroiseux began in 730 BC with its founder, Percival Ambroiseux.  Percival had invested heavily into the trade and manufacture of perfumes.  Recognized for its importance in Dementlieuse culture, he was ennobled with the honorary title of Baronet, as well as the title of Maitre by the Council of Brilliance.

The blossoming House Ambroiseux made its own share of enemies along the way.  After the Grand Conjunction in 740 BC, an inexperienced Baronet began to fall prey to the scandals and schemes of the aristocracy, all while experiencing harsh decline in their fortune.  After months of the threat of attainment of his Baronetcy, Percival was narrowly able to escape the scandals dragging his house down, unscathed, through a series of byzantine deals at the hands an enigmatic solicitor once in his retinue.

For years following, their perfume trade became a staple in Dementlieuse fashion, curiously avoiding further scandal over the years and even proceeding to prosper further in wealth.  Percival and his wife, Imogene Ambroiseux, went on to have several children, though each generation, including the first, seem to always lose their firstborn sons within a year.

In 777 BC, Algnernon Ambroiseux arrived in Port-a-Lucine with his wife, Marianna Ambroiseux, and his four daughters.  Beautiful and full of ambition, the identical twin sisters Françoise Ambroiseux and Florentine Ambroiseux, and their two younger siblings, Éléonore Ambroiseux and Genévieve Ambroiseux all set out to forge their own mark.  Though, gossip and rumors follow Algneron's branch of the family, talking of when, or if, they will ever have a son to further the line of succession for the title of Baronet...
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House de la Lôze

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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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House de la Lôze

"Notre flamme vacille encore."

Our flame flickers still.


House de la Lôze stretches it curious roots as a family of bustling grain merchants and import & export mercantile traders from Chateaufaux, firmly entrenched in the middle class seeking to raise itself in status among the nobility having desperately sought to by any means necessary to no avail, not even assisting acute food shortages that plagued Dementileu in times of war was enough to raise themselves from their place. It was not until the Falkovian incursion of 724 BC in the Executioner’s Campaign, that the House’s future patriarch Augustin de la Lôze fought a brave rear guard action in the early stages of the Falkovian incursion that prevented the annihilation of Augustin’s company, a Caporal at the time during the initial invasion and allowed the remnants of his company to return back to what would be the frontline of the Campaign and eventually repulsing the Falks with what little ground they made.

The Council could no longer ignore them and were rewarded with the creation of House de la Lôze and Augustin the title of Baronet, bringing generations of ambition to fruit. The de la Lôze’s were busy tending to their new status, their import and export business blossomed with the rise of station, acted as consultants of agriculture and vinification for Houses looking to improve their yields but otherwise largely left the busy work to their newly hired workers while they sought to enjoy the splendour of nobility. Their ambitious natures were never tempered and further inflamed by the rebellious Duc d’Ameranthe, perhaps the de la Lôze’s sought opportunity, had deals lined up with the Duc d’Ameranthe or just out of spite for the perceived insult of a Baronet for their years of loyalty to the Republique, but the de la Lôze's were one of the first houses to support what would be the Covenant and were fierce supporters of them, riding the highs of victory and suffered the shame of defeat with the restoration of the Council.

Sylvain de la Lôze survived the Siege of Ameranthe as a retainer of House Mortigny as did his father, Gabriel de la Lôze and eldest brother of Sylvain,Vincent de la Lôze while Gabriel's wife Cécile de la Lôze and two daughters Catherine de la Lôze & Helaine de la Lôze waited for her husband and son at their estate in anguish. However Augustin de la Lôze was rumoured to have attempted to take his own life over the mental, physical and financial strain of warfare, but thankfully survived with only superficial wounds. It is said that this attempt on his own life has further caused a decline in his physical and mental health, having become withdrawn and quiet, largely letting his wife Josepehine de la Lôze be the face of the House, though rumours circle that she is all but the de facto head of the household and makes all the decisions for her husband behind closed doors.


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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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House de Courcillon
"A travers l'acier, l'ascension."
Through steel, ascension.

House de Courcillon is an old family originally known as skilled blacksmiths and earned an early fortune selling their best swords to a number of prestigious Noble Families of Dementlieu.  During the Falkovnian Invasion of 707 BC and then again in the Executioner’s Campaign of 724 BC it became quickly apparent that the de Courcillon men were just as capable using their weapons as they were making them, and Alexandre de Courcillon was granted the title of Baronet in recognition for bravery on the battlefield.

For the next several years the de Courcillon established themselves as diehard traditionalists and supporters of an empowered aristocracy.  Alexandre married Jacqueline de Senecey, a minor Noblewoman from the South, to strengthen the family’s ties at home.  His oldest sister Anne did the same while his youngest sister, Marie, married a wealthy Borcan aristocrat of the Caetani family.

While loyalty to the Council of Brilliance was never questioned in the early days, the de Coucillon still tended to keep to themselves.  Alexandre de Courcillon had two sons, Emeric and Etienne. Emeric followed in his father’s footsteps by marrying a Southern Noblewoman, Catherine de Brassac, and following a life of exemplary military service. Etienne by contrast showed little interest in martial pursuits and instead dove into the political landscape and grew the family’s business.  His wife, Henrietta Dumée, was a lesser known noblewoman from Port-a-Lucine.

Most who knew the family would say that tensions between the brothers were often high, with arguments frequently breaking out about how the family should proceed as their father grew older and more sickly.  A familial dispute saw the brothers distance themselves, Emeric residing in Port-a-Lucine while Etienne took up residence at the traditional family estate.  While the specifics of this dispute have never been known to the public most implications seem to suggest that Etienne betrayed Emeric in some way.  Rumors abound, with anything from Etienne abusing a servant to him coveting his brother's wife being whispered in the shadows by those brave enough.

During the Revolution, tragedy struck and Emeric’s three sons were all killed during the fighting in Port-a-Lucine.  Despite this he remained unwavering in his belief in the ideals of the Republic and his House was one of the earliest to swear allegiance to the Maitriser and his Solemn Covenant, with Emeric serving personally during the war.  At this time Etienne returned to politics within the capitol but didn’t fight in the war, though his eldest son did, much to Etienne’s annoyance if not outright fury.  While his brother fought, Etienne expanded the de Courcillon arms business and while the operation seemed to thrive there were often questions, albeit quietly, about the legitimacy of some of his sales and partners.

While House de Courcillon saw some increase in prestige with the victory of the Maitriser during the Civil War, the eventual re-emergence of the Council of Brilliance finds the House in a precarious position both internally and on the political stage.  While the family remained considerably wealthy despite the various hardships of the realm, their political weight diminished drastically with the eventual collapse of the Covenant.  Furthermore, Emeric’s lack of living heirs leaves the Baronetcy seemingly in the hands of Etienne.

Even his enemies - Council Loyalists or Revolutionaries both - would be hard pressed to claim Emeric de Courcillon isn’t a man of honor.  By comparison, Etienne is a man not well liked, doing very little to mask his ambitions behind social niceties.  This is readily apparent due to his recent command for his many progeny to return from abroad and come home to the capitol, a firm display that suggests he wishes to consolidate his power in the face of a potential succession.

Of particular note is the return of Baudouin de Courcillon, Etienne’s oldest son and a veteran of the Siege of Ameranthe.  Having spent a good portion of his adult life in some manner of self imposed exile, trudging about in foreign lands such as Borca and Invidia, Baudouin has long been considered to be a wastrel, womanizer, hedonist, and rake.  More dangerous rumors suggest that he is even a bastard, an insult that particularly stands out during the rare times father and son are seen together, where the only thing he seems to have in common with Etienne is his temper.

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