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Author Topic: Vallaki - Western Outskirts  (Read 22811 times)


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Re: Vallaki - Western Outskirts
« Reply #150 on: June 25, 2020, 01:59:06 PM »
During yet another dark and rainy night, an elven male, presumably another victim of the mists, came stumbling out from the nearby Vistani camp. Clutching a lantern in one hand, and a staff in his others. It is said that he was found passed out near the camp, eventually being be shaken back into consciousness by fellow travelers, only to proceed to throw up a small torrent of water. After a brief exchange, the man departed towards the south...

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Re: Vallaki - Western Outskirts
« Reply #151 on: June 30, 2020, 03:57:39 AM »
Local serfs and peasants west of vallaki begin to speak of even more disappearances from the passing night. This time farms, mills, and rural homes seem to have fallen victim to the beasts that rend. doors smashed to splinters, windows shattered, and roofs left exposed as blood drenched scenes are left in their wake.

With Each passing full moon, the howling continues to grow in viscosity and dpeth; a growing danger, a growing fear...

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Re: Vallaki - Western Outskirts
« Reply #152 on: July 08, 2020, 10:40:43 PM »
The steady thunk of a shovel blade against the frozen earth comes from the burial yard. Near the Charnel House, two fresh graves are in the process of being dug: one for an adult, and another for a child. The progress is slow, as the ground is too hard to dig in the Winter season, buy day-by-day, a foot of depth is added to the tilled ground. A pair of wooden stakes mark the place where headstones will be erected.
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