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The Circle Grows...
« on: February 26, 2017, 09:51:46 PM »
The elf walked into the tavern with swirls of snowflakes blowing in behind him.  He walked intently towards a table in the rear.  Seated at the table was the man with flowing golden locks...  A woman perched on each arm, and his floppy boots kicked up on the table.  An amazing feat of balance to say the least...

"Kain, one has just arrived who would be of great use to our cause..."

Kain's smile widened instantly, "OH! Do tell me more Master Lyall!"

"A cleric... From Faerun, a cleric of Tempus...  He could prove useful and I think he may be in just the position to join our cause..."

Several hours later... around a small campfire, a man clad in heavy armor sits sullenly, drinking heartily from a large bottle which seems to be nearing it's end.  He shakes his head, troubled, as if the weight of mistakes were crushing down on him.

Kain walks up beside the man, a fresh bottle in hand, "Friend, you look down on your luck..."

The man looks over his shoulder and growls "I'm fine, and no friend of yours."

"Well, I think it's time we change that, I'm Kain, pleasure to meet you my sullen faced compatriot..."

The man grimaces, "I am Seare, Cleric of Tempus, what brings you to bother me tonight golden haired one?"

Kain's notorious smile widens, pleased the main has fallen to his charm, "I may be able to help you pal, what troubles you?"

Their conversations stretches far into the night... before they say farewell for the evening, Kain hands Seare a small purple jar and says "For your cloak friend..."