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Cerridwen Dicetla
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Born in Barovia of an elf from beyond the mist and a human native to, Cerridwen found herself an outcast to most. Being not entirely human the other humans would reject her as would many of the fey folk, for being human. It was her solitude that brought her to tap into the fold, and she began studying, trying to satisfy a thirst that would never be quenched. Could id be that it would also be her doom? She sat and considered these things quietly in her small hovel. The room about her was dark, save for a small window with a desk directly below. She blew a small strand of white hair from her face, squeezed the ends of her chair momentarily and sighed. "Alone." She said aloud. "Alone always, alone forever". She used to have friends... and a lover... but ever since that...thing had damaged her soul, nothing had been the same. It hurt to think about. A small tear slipped from her eye and she stood and walked to her desk. Her relatively frail and malnourished frame seemed to be getting swallowed