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Erroneous and ineffective creatures.

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An important part of assuring balance throughout the mod is that the creatures we've set up actually work as intended. There's no better witness to this, however, than you, the players. And likely, there's no one who knows better when something isn't living up to the challenge it suggests. So I put forward this thread to encourage you all to post what lackings you encounter here, as well as suggestions to how we could make things better and the challenges more balances and interesting.

This could be things like creatures using spells redundantly or inefficiently, spells that even harm themselves - like undeads using healing - but also inefficient behavior or tactics.

It might seem as a bit of a paradox that you should help us making things harder for yourself, but in the end, it'll make the entire experience more balanced and even for all - and make the impact we want to give with this server stand clearer. So please post away... :)

From the Summit to the Ice Palace, the Jack Frosts and the Mistinus (sp) fight amongst themselves when you encounter them.  I believe the reason for this is the Jack Frosts' cone of cold.  The Mistinus don't seem to have a resistance to it so it hurts them when Jacks fire their spells off at the players.  In return you have a Mistinu that's very angry at the Jack.  My suggestion is take out the Mistinus (not sure why they're even there, understand though elements play a big part of the ravenloft setting, but maybe an air map for the air folk and keep the cold folk on the cold map) or give them resistance to cold above the weather damage.

The Golems in the ice palace, not sure about this one, but we had someone with a +2 sword and they couldn't damage them. Something we're missing about these guys?

The areas designed for mid-levels (or rather the creatures in certain areas) are not giving xp to the mid levels.  So there is a gap between high level creatures and low level creatures.  One of my characters is level 10 and I can't find anything that's worth a damn xp wise (obviously not my motivation for being here but something I've noted) that's intended for his level.  I instead visit the areas meant for 15+ characters when PVM'ing.  And come to mention it, all his xp from level 8 to level 10 was rp/dm xp.  So areas in the Spider Cave, Werewolf Den, Sullen Forest, Abandoned Farmhouse, and various road encounters should have their xp gain reviewed for their difficulty.  Sensitive suggestion, I know, but low level and post 15 characters seem to have the right mix of difficulty and award setting - even if high level areas are currently scarce.

Maybe on purpose, and certainly funny as hell, but every monster enjoys attacking the local wildlife.  Can't tell you how many times I've seen players running from werewolves to see the creature instead make a sharp right and chase after a poor little mink.   :lol:

Mink taste good. That's why. Actually I have noticed this problem, as well as the mid level xp problem. I still make decent progress due to RP and DM bonks but when I spend 30 minutes organizing a player event of some sort and taking care of a problem as an interactive RP group.. sometimes PVM xp is nice too  :twisted:

..I got no real reason to dislike these creatures other than the fact they annoy the crap out of me (as player) and those are the:

 :arrow:Skeletons that spam fireballs with spears (Village of Barovia crypts). I think there could be a better combination of monsters there, some ''mind'' bugging monster coupled with those Warrior skeletons to WHACK you when dizzy or stunned. Add in some skeletal devourers and other ''death'' gazers in there.

-The Golems in the Ice Palace will attack each other if one is caught in the other's Cone of Cold.
-Barovia Crypts: In one of the rooms, can't pinpoint which, there is a spawn of Argarats/Ghasts that spawn by traps and everytime I've been there, they triggered them and it killed most of them.
-Lich Tower: The big middle room lags the area a lot. Either remove some VFX from there or remove some monsters and add some tougher ones instead.


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